Buying a used pickup truck

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I'm looking for a new pickup truck to haul my trailers and then i'm lost...

I wan't a 3/4 tons or a 1 tons if i think of the future.
diesel or not
15 000$ can or less
2001 or higher

Here's what i've learn and what i think

For the look i prefer the Fords but their power stroke engine is costly on maintenance and on gas or fuel. Seems to be great on every aspect but not the greatest. It's the most sold and used truck i might think?

Seems to be made rock solid with the cummins. Heard they had some tranny trouble? what else? Looks like the best engine but seems to be just good on other aspect.

GM or Chevy.
Right now i've got a 2001 1500 silverado (not strong enough for me). From what i've read it's got the best fuel efficiency and very confy. everything else is just seems to be just good.

I know diesel engines are stronger and for a 3/4 ton i'm looking for a diesel engine.

Help me out please there's too much choices. Tell me wich years to look for on what model wich one to look for and wich one to run away of.


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    Don,t look for the price. Its all about maintenance. If you take care of it they last. If not they don't.If you manage to get 10 mpg in an S10 something is wrong with it.
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    You also right 4×4 trucks helps to small business owner to grow their business
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