Lincoln ls v8 2004 trannsmion

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My car will not shift into 4th gear manually or auto when I put it in 5th gear and try to do the kick down it just stays in 5th gear any body out there that can help me out?


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    Hey mine does the same thing ever get it figured out?
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    we had a proportioning valve (or something like that) replaced on ours under warranty, and ALL the weird tranny issues, like yours, were gone for good. dunno if it's the same thing you have, but even out of warranty the ford guy said it was pretty cheap to do. another thing, i learned over the years, through many new vehicles purchased vs. the used ones i bought, that when something was done under warranty, on the factory's dime (paid to the dealer) and oversight, i got good answers as to what was fixed, why and the detailed expense instead of the typical runarounds i usually get on the used ones where profit is at stake, and i get 'vague' answers at best. i now have only one mechanic i use, 125 miles from me, and that's my very honest cousin, who was trained as a master mechanic in the army.
    i'll take a look and see if we still have the receipt for the work which showed what they replaced, but it's out in our storage, so it may take me a while for me to dig it out.
    jack b :-)
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