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Nissan Rogue Strange Sounds

nardolennardolen Member Posts: 1
I purchased a 2010 Nissan Rogue back in December and have recently noticed a pair of clunking noises that occur after the car has been parked.

The two sounds are heard after shifting the car into drive and traveling for about 100 feet. The first is a softer clunk, the second louder just a few seconds later.

Is this the dreaded transmission sound? It only happens in these very specific conditions. It never happens except after parking and only twice each time.

Thank you!


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    atlgaxtatlgaxt Member Posts: 501
    We just bought a Rogue for my wife and I have not noticed this. However, my Xterra makes a noise like you described and in the circumstances you described. I was told that it is normal and is something to do with the ABS brakes doing a self check or something along those lines.
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    risanovorisanovo Member Posts: 1
    My rogue sounds the same. When you go in reverse, it sounds like you ran someone over. I brought it in 3 times for repair--first the Nissan dealer said they couldn't hear anything, but when it did it again we brought it back. They replaced the rear chassis. Still heard a sound, brought it in again and rode with a technician who heard it. Left the car for 4 days, and now they say they hear nothing and can't fix it. It is only 4 months old (2010 Rogue).
    We are going to see our legal advisor for assistance.
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    rhdmanrhdman Member Posts: 1
    Hi risanovo,

    I have an identical problem with my 2010 Nissan Rogue. I bought it late January 2010. The faint springy then thud sound is audible only when I first start my vehicle. Then it goes away over 5 mph. I took it 3 times to the dealership; the last time I had the master mechanic ride with me and he immediately stated that this is triggered by ABS self-testing when I first start the vehicle - meaning, I have to turn off the engine then re-start to simulate the sound. I guess we have to live with it. Let me know if you have any update. Oh btw, overall, I'm happy with my vehicle.
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    cklho818cklho818 Member Posts: 29
    I have the same popping sound problem as described by all of you. My vehicle was purchased in August 2010. The car is just 3 months old.

    I also hear squeaking noise coming from the dash where the stereo system is. We thought it was the trunk cover springs noise when car was moving but I confirmed that it's coming from the inside of the dash in the center. :(
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    mwhishaw1mwhishaw1 Member Posts: 1
    Rogue 2010 15000 miles. Mechanic heard it...required a new transmission. It also shuddered at idle some repairs done everything under warranty.
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    cartman2cartman2 Member Posts: 2
    Agter I turn my brand new Rogue of I get all this pinging noices from the engine while it cools down. Anyone have this problem?
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