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Honda Pilot Sunroof and Moonroof Problems

pilotman6pilotman6 Posts: 3
We just got a new 2010 Honda Pilot with leather, moonroof, etc, and about one every three times we open the moonroof, it won't close. It will start to close, but just before it should close completely it stops and starts to back up again, but it doesn't back up all the way. It does this if you keep your finger on the switch the whole time, or if you just make it go AutoClose. The only way I have found to make it close is to know where it stops and reverses, and stop the window right before that. Then, I have to press the forward button again and it closes. Bringing it in to the shop tomorrow, but any help would be great.


  • wd4wd4 Posts: 1
    I seems like the moonroof is auto-reversing because it is hitting an obstruction. The front of the opening has a pop-up bar when open that should go down on closing. If I reach up and hold down the bar long enough for the moonroof to almost close (and quickly let go so my fingers don't get caught), it closes all the way.

    Let me know if your shop visit got it fixed. I've only had the car for a month so not ready to take to shop.
  • jplymanjplyman Posts: 90
    My 2011 does the same thing - I'm going to give it a couple of weeks to see if it just needs to break in.
  • bought 2010 pilot touring in jan 2010..already taken in 3X times for the same issue. first time they had to reprogram the whole moonroof logic. seem to work for few weeks. then it happened again. but only random. 2nd time i took it worked fine, but finally did it again the tech re-program again and greased the rails..he sd tht tht hopefully it should be fix. 3rd time it happened again!..i bought it in but of course it worked fine at the dealership. i told 'em dont care if i try to open a thousand times..if it fails once's broke.. so they are now telling me to leave pilot with 'em so they can work with honda head qtrs to see if thy know anything.. i love hondas..but this whole thing is making me really PO.
  • jaimemjaimem Posts: 1
    I bought my 2010 Touring in December and this started happening in Mid March. Their first attempt to fix it was to remove the wind guard and not even tell us. We quickly realized this and told them that was a hack and not a fix. It still isnt fixed and the car is at the dealership as i type this for the 4th time. Along with this annoying issue, they also had to replace the master cylinder and brake booster in early april which took two attempts, and just this past week my rear hatch broke. A piece of plastic cracked off the car becuaset he hatch wasnt aligned.
    I started the site below to keep track of all my problems i have had with my Pilot. There are pics of the hatch as well.
  • fish23fish23 Posts: 8
    We just bought our 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L less than three weeks ago. It had eighteen miles on it from the start. We have the exact same problem with the moonroof not closing all the way. Took it in the first time to be recallobrated, to no avail. They ordered a new track, and installed it along with a new motor during the second service. Just got it back tonight and it has the exact same problem. The dealer says they now need to consult with the "tech-line" to help trouble shoot. We are very frustrated. They had the whole thing apart and there were around 8 parts listed for the service repair. I can't imagine there is much more they have to replace. My guess is that it has to be the wind defuser.
  • larry51klarry51k Posts: 35
    On the form section is a "solution" for the sunroof problem you all are describing. Search under "sunroof". The thread starts out, "eeck, sunroof....."

    I too have this problem but seldom open the sunroof so haven't done anything to fix it.
  • rwg3rwg3 Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L with Nav (April 30). When I picked it up the salesman went to show me the how to work the moon roof and it wouldn't close. Same problem, got close and backed up. He couldn't have it fixed because the techs had gone home. Like a fool I took the car. Brought it back a week later they adjusted something and it worked when I tried it. Now it is not closing again. I called them yesterday and they said there was a bulletin out that there is a problem with the moonroof not closing and to wait until further notice. I see now from these posts that other people are having the same problem. I'm going in today to see the date on that bulletin and see if they knew about the problem the day I brought the car home and they were lying to me. Also to get it in writing that I am having the problem. I don't want them to be able to say that I didn't have an issues until later. I guess I'll never learn. If something new doesn't work, you shouldn't take it. Bob.
  • fish23fish23 Posts: 8
    It has been three months now since we have had the glitch with the moonroof with our 2011 pilot. My local dealer told us two weeks ago that Honda has acknowledged this as a problem with the manufacturing and has a fix for it. They said that Honda has redesigned the "software" in the motor of the moonroof, but we have not yet heard back from them. The last we heard they were waiting for the part to arrive. I have put mine in manual mode for now. It stops at the same spot, however, you only have to tap it once more to fully close it. It works every time.
  • bmrpilotbmrpilot Posts: 2
    I have a 2011 on order, but called American Honda today to ask about it and tell them I will not take delivery if this is not resolved. Any updates?
  • fish23fish23 Posts: 8
    I spoke to a person who works in the service dept. a week ago, and they yet have not heard anymore from Honda or seen the part come in yet. Honestly, at this point I'm starting to become a little disappointed. I'll be sending in my forth payment in a week. I will post a.s.a.p. when I get an answer from my local dealer. By the way - what did Honda say to you about it when you called?
  • bmrpilotbmrpilot Posts: 2
    they said they knew about the problem and they have a fix.... but they wanted the VIN for my vehicle (had none).
    It is concerning to say the least that they have not been more communicative to dealers and consumers with this issue.
  • i just bought my 2011 touring pilot a month ago and the moonroof won't close without me pushing the windguard down from the top of the roof. It seems there is a problem with the sensor and the plastic windguard. I brought it in this morning and the service guy forced it closed by pushing it in and said, "there!" as if there was nothing wrong with it! Of course I left it there and demanded it to be fixed. I am waiting on the guy who sold it to me to give me a call back. So far I am dissatisfied with Honda's response on this matter. Don't buy a pilot without testing the moonroof many times!!
  • Just picked up my pilot and problem seems to be fixed. Service dept. acknowledged the moonroof problem with the 2010 and 2011 models and updated the moonroof software. Guess i will have to wait and see.
  • fish23fish23 Posts: 8
    My dealer is in Sandusky Ohio. I am still waiting to hear again from our dealer. I know the person I'm waiting on( from their service dept.) personally, and trust I'm not getting the run-around. However, do not allow them to push you out the door about this! In fact, I check in about this again w/ my dealer, and he said that there are three other people on the list with the same problem. I am up to my lid with this whole situation. If you can, have them program the mooroof to "manual mode". This way, you won't have to "fuss" w/ it. Yet, we're going to be stepping up the tempo with the manager very soon.
  • pilotdawgpilotdawg Posts: 2
    Honda just issued (7/27/10) a TSB on this moonroof issue. It can be fixed by a software update. Check the website or do a search for TSB 10-030. Print it out, take it back to your dealer, and tell them to fix it.
  • fish23fish23 Posts: 8
    I called the Corp. Customer Service, and they told me the info. was released just two days prior to my call. I asked the person to note my call which, my call in April was added as well. They said that they then send a message to the service dept. of our local dealer to brief them on our conversation. This helps on the customers' side, in that, Honda does look at surveys and evaluations in order to give incentives to the employees. My local dealer has scheduled us for this updated software, and we hope this does the trick. Thanks for your response- I appreciate it.
  • rockwearockwea Posts: 1
    I have a 2010 EX-L pilot, and just received a "recall notice" from Honda to schedule/bring-in the pilot to re-program the moonroof control unit - to fix the not closing(reversing on closure attempt) and battery drain of the moonroof control unit. Sounds like Honda has a fix. Faulty Engineering by either Honda, incomplete testing by Honda, Honda can do better!
  • For the last several weeks, Honda dealers have had access to a programming unit to update the software in the moon roof motor. The reprogramming takes less than half an hour to perform. If you had a reprogram attempted before this, you need to have it redone. You should also receive a recall letter from Honda telling you to have this performed.
  • fish23fish23 Posts: 8
    To let everyone know; the glitch in the moonroof was solved as far as the retraction that was happening. It took over six months and multiple visits to the dealer to solve this problem. Our last visit was this past fall. We did not use it of course during the winter - not even to test it - becaue of the potential for ice busting something. Now that the weather has broke (no pun intended) , we find that the moonroof is leaking! I tried it one time two days ago when having it at the dealer for our 10k mile service. It worked fine, however, that must have jared it out of wack. One time I tried it. Disappointed is an understatement at this point. The manager of our dealer seems (to say the least) indifferent to the issue, even given the extensive history. Seriously , do we have a chance at a "lemon"?
  • Ouch :(. I sent mine to the dealer and they changed something in the programming and it functions. Now the only annoyance is that it isn't automatic; you have to hold the open/close switch until it closes all the way.
  • fish23fish23 Posts: 8
    Ahh Ha, I can not give you the exact fix to your problem, however, I do know for a fact that it can be adjusted to engage the "automatic" function. Seriously though, I was given the sequence of "button pushing" ...and hold for how many seconds etc. Take it to the dealer and they have the "code" to bring it back for you.
  • Oh really? I was going to take it to the dealer but just exceeded the warranty, so I'll take it in next time something major is wrong with it.
  • 2rrr22rrr2 Posts: 2
    Found this thread -- I just bought a 2012 Pilot and the sunroof starts to close but stops and reverses when it hits the arms of the wind baffles. I haven't made it back to the dealer yet -- was hoping someone had some advice on how to hustle their research. I found the references to Service Bulletin Number : SB-10-030. I assumed that the software updates referenced here would have made their way into the 2012 models.
  • It's been some time since they have repaired ours. It has worked just fine ever since. It took multiple trips to the shop and six months later the issue was resolved. I also called Corp. to keep a file on the issue. That may also help you put the pressure on. They assigned a liaison to the case and spoke to my dealer directly. It was a software issue that they are aware of. Although, I think they did have to replace a part somewhere in there.

    Your symptoms are the exact same that we had. I'm sure it requires the same treatment. Best to you.
  • 2rrr22rrr2 Posts: 2
    Thanks. Noticed something unusual in its behavior -- food for thought not an actual fix. When the car is moving, the sunroof closes everytime. When the car is stopped, it 'auto-reverses' everytime. Still going to get it fixed but figured I would throw that tidbit out.
  • I'm Amazed that Honda will not warranty my 09' Honda Pilot's sunroof! Somehow, there is water inside of it and it makes a Swoosh sound every time I turn. Why The hell did I purchase an Extended Honda Care Package??? This is something that the consumer CANNOT control, the seals all look good but somehow, there is water in it... as a devoted household of Honda Drivers (even own a Honda Lawnmower) this is VERY Disappointing! I looked for a water bottle inside the car for months before figuring out where the noise was coming from...
    The Dealer was even amazed that HONDA Care wouldn't cover it...
  • jimsnapsjimsnaps Posts: 15
    Hi All,

    I have a new Pilot 2012. I had the factory sunroof deflector installed
    when I purchased it.

    About a week after having the car the passengers side forward pillar was wet after the first rain. Like something had leaked on it.

    After a few more rains I noticed that that same area immediately got wet. When I took it to the dealer they claimed it was the sunroof drain tubes getting clogged with debris and not draining. Basically debris would get under there, when you open the roof the debris falls into the sunroof channel (because it can't blow off the roof).

    They are now taking off the sunroof deflector in hopes that that fixes the issue.

    Does that sound right? It still seems odd to me I mean the sunroof is completely closed when it's raining, sealed. How is all that water even entering the sunroof drain area to back up?

    Any thoughts in the issue?
  • I could be writing this. Floor board has been soaked 2X from this issue, dealer has fixed both times but I keep asking the question of how water is getting inside and they say all sunroofs leak and need a drain. I am wondering if the deflector is aggravating the problem. It is due back today so I might take it off and see what happens. One more time and it is quits....
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