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Climate Control/Blend Door

wulfsburg65wulfsburg65 Member Posts: 1
edited July 2014 in Buick
Hi everyone. I am having a problem with my 99 buick park ave ultra. I just bought the car and it is has been sitting for a number of years. I bought it for 2 g's with 49 k on it. Great steal. Well now I am having a problem. To start, the defrost and floor vents were the only vents putting out air. I took apart the dash, jammed a stick in the flap for the defrost (to jam it closed) and then I disconnected the actuator that controlled the floor vents. I only need it coming out the vents, as I am in Arizona and never have to use defrost. At any rate, it has been warming up here and with my air conditioning on, I get ice cold air out of the passenger side, but warm air out of the drivers side (on a warm day). I have ripped everything apart and I am frustrated because I cannot see behind the heater core , or evaporator core because it is too difficult to get at. What it seems to me is that there is a door behind those items that is stuck half way. Just a tidbit... the battery was COMPLETELY dead when I got the car . Is there a possibility that the climate control unit needs to be replaces or calibrated? I don't use the auto function. There are 2 main ports where the air blows out of just above the heater core and evap core in the dash. With the plastic vents disconnected, and I put the heater on, only the right side door closes and then forces all the air out of the drivers side port. I am on a really tight budget and cannot afford to take it anywhere. Any Ideas?? Thanks for reading.


  • imidazol97imidazol97 Member Posts: 27,146
    An assumption on my part is that there are no vacuum controls on the heater actuators. They are all electric actuators.

    Have you tried getting a diagram of the locations of the various actuators? I recommend your public library to see if they have AllData access. Ours does at the branch; I can save graphics and text to my USB memory stick, or I can save the whole web page with all files so that I open that page at home and it's just like the original on the computer.

    Some people were having trouble with a vast difference in cold output with AC last summer. It turned out to be a low charge of freon. I don't remember which side of the car gets the cold air, but the freon comes into the evaporator in the area that goes to one side of the car, absorbs heat and becomes gas, and there's no liquid left to cool the air in the other part of the evaporator core. So one side of the car gets warm air, more or less, while the other gets extra cold air due to the low charge. I recommend a gauge from Walmart and a can of R134a without sealer and without the special extra cooler stuff; just a regular can. When the outside air is low 70s I put a small fan in front of the condenser and charged my 98 Buick up to the maximum amount in the green gauge area.

    If the temperature is balancing okay when in heat mode at night or when it's chilly, I'd suspect the freon problem.

    Good luck finding your problem.

    I would not jam a stick into the flap and block the actuator. It might damage the gearing if the thing is working correctly.

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  • patterdalepatterdale Member Posts: 2
    I have a similar problem but the passenger side blend door is not moving. I have replaced the actuator and that was not the problem. Does anyone know what the resistance of the pass. side temp sensor should be? My ohm meter reads that it is open. I have voltage to one side and nothing coming out. Any input as to whether the problem is with the sensor, pass side temp selector, or the control module would be greatly appreciated.
  • patterdalepatterdale Member Posts: 2
    I have a obd 2 code reader and can download codes till I am blue in the face. The codes are no good with out the diagnostic flow charts. A code that says low input on the mass airflow sensor could mean that way more than one problem exits. I know these charts exist from my past work as a Ford mechanic. Does anyone know where i can get this info?
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