Ford Windstar power loss

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Ford Windstar (98) V6 3.0L power loss : While driving since a while suddenly the van begin to lose power. RPMs drops, speed come down slowly but could not increse power when trying to accelerate. Accelerating does nothing, the max RPM gets lower and lower as I drive. Shutting down the engine a few seconds/minutes then restarting, solves the problem temporarily. But a few minutes later problem starts again. Having this happen more often as the weather get hotter (>50-60 F). Also most of the time I could put car in N and rev up with no problem, excepts when I continue driving until RPM refuses go over 1500 and then in N problem remains.
ANY IDEADS??? Seems that it maybe some sort of sensor getting hot and causing the power band to drop. Tranny would not kick down to lower gear when trying to accelerate either during this problem.


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    I hope someone can help us both.
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    I have a 2004 Freestar that has been in the Ford Shop 4 times in the last 7 weeks. The last time they kept it 2 weeks. The Van completely loses power while I am driving. Twice after I parked it over night it would not start. Had it towed to Ford once. The check engine light came on twice. I usually have to muscle it to the side of the road when it dies and crank it several time before it will restart. Ford changed the Fuel Pump, Fuel Sensor, Fuel regulator, dried moisture from the PCM and sodered a couple of wires. I have had it back for 5 days now. It almost lost power once, lost power completedly once and would not start yesterday. I got it started this afternoon and am planning on going back to the Ford Shop tomorrow morning. I would appreciate any suggestions that anyone has as to what the problem might be because as you can see Ford hasn't a clue.
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    Its weird you say its loosing power cause thats exactly what mine is kind of doing, it just doesnt want to seem to get up and go. It all started right before the belt broke and my mechanic changed the belt the pulleys the fuel pump and water pump, and we changed the cam shaft. now its been almost a yr ago and its been KICKING on me, the whole engine kicks... took it back and it would not do it for them, people kept saying i was stepping on gas to much, but i know i wasn't now it started fdoing more i took it back and it will not read for then, this pass week its doing it more and more, doesnt seem to want to go i changed the fuel filter that helped a lil giving it more power, but now it kicks kicks kicks goes and it has started not to want to start takes 3 times and hitting the gas at the same time to get it to start. It kicked at 50mph this morning and it grabs the steering for split seconds, u have to let up on the gas or it will rev. the engine which is not good , well dont sound good to me... scared my lil one, and i almost got hit in read idk how many times, people get mad cause it wont go... seriously need this fix fasted... or going to trade it, really dont want to its only 65,000 miles and only owe 1300.00 left on it... ugh anyones help please...i really cant afford being on ssi... idk what to do.. i am not a mechanic..
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    sounds like oil fawled plugs. the valve stem seals are a issue for windstars. also look to see if you have a vacuum leak at any of the hoses that go into the engine.
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    I would be willing to bet your engine control computer is mailfunctioning. they usually put them either under the hood, under the dash or kick panel on the passenger side
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    if you are just jiggin around town does it seem to work fine as long as you are not going any faster than 40 MPH. If you are having this problem only while going highway speed the next time it does it pull over and look underneath the engine and check to see if the Catalytic converts are glowing red, if they are then you have a blocked or partiality blocked cat.
    I have a 98 3.8 that is doing the same sort of thing but only at highway speeds and is very frustrating but a buddy of mine is a mechanic and suggest the above to see so I thought I would forward this on.
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    I have 2000 ford wind star.and the check engin light flashes 15 times and wile i drive it it will lose power and start to shake i have done some sensores replaced but it still dose the same thing if.someone could help me i would appreciate it
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    I am having the same problem with the shaking and loss of power did you find out what the problem was and if so please let me know
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    I know this is an old thread, but did anyone ever identify this issue. I am having the exact same issue as the original poster with my 98 V6 Windstar. Please share if you ever found the issue!
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