GMC Yukon XL ABS Problems

simpvfdsimpvfd Member Posts: 1
After read all your messages. I replaced both front speed sensors. ABS service light remain on while driving at any speed. also, it is not smooth stopped.
bad wheel bearings? Need resurface 1 year old new 4 disc rotors? I am clueless now.. Any feedbacks would be appericated. Thanks.


  • family7family7 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 01 yukon denali xl I replaced my battery & now I can't remember my code to unlock the radio,is there another option besides taking it to the dealer?
  • blaccatblaccat Member Posts: 1
    i recently noticed my ABS & Brake light come on while driving. did seem to notice any issues with braking or streering, when i exited the truck came back in it was off, this has happen twice. Does any one know the cause to this?
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