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Nissan Murano Electrical Problems

jng415jng415 Member Posts: 1
Checking to see if anyone else is having electrical issues with their Nissan. I have a 2005 Nissan and approx. 6 months ago, the driver's side of the door would not lock/unlock when I used my remote control. When I took it to the dealership, they said they would have to take out the door panel to see what was wrong and that it would cost me an arm and a leg just to remove the panel. I told them I would hold off for now. Recently, my front passenger door and trunk would not loc/unlock when I used my remote.

I understand my car is 5 years old and I expect to have issue but wanted to see if there were other owners having the same issue and what they did to fix it.


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    neglidneglid Member Posts: 3
    I had the same problem, It tuned out that the remote needed the battery replaced. The dealer wanted to charge $14.00 for one battery. I replaced it myself for $1.75 (cost of a 2 battery packet) and have one battery to spare.
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    homeouner2homeouner2 Member Posts: 14
    On my 04 MO the gas door latch has not worked on and off for a year. I think it is the relay. Does any one know where it is located??? Under the dash or under the hood. I have bent back the latch sheet metal back, the latch pin always comes out, never retracts, can be pushed back in. I am getting by fine, almost impossible to siphon gas out, but trash could be dumped in. Thanks. Hoping to get help on this.
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    vaughnavaughna Member Posts: 2
    We went to St. George Utah - very hot. All four door locks and the hatch lock died within a week. $2000 to fix them with OEM factory parts . I am VERY hesitant to put 2K into the same factory door locks that will probably fail as well. Has anyone else had problems with all door locks failing at once? Sounds like a design or part flaw to this woman. One maybe two would go bad but 5.... that is really odd. Any ideas??
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    espo35espo35 Member Posts: 144
    No way they all went out at once. Who told you that? They're wrong. They'r e all partof the same circuit- if the first one has a short (The right front, as I recall) it kills power to the other ones.
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    vaughnavaughna Member Posts: 2
    Thank you for responding to our problem. I do not believe we are dealing with electrical shorts because all the doors have always cliked (and moved a little) as if they were trying to work. We were told that all of the solenoids for the actuators of each door and hatch are getting weaker, thus failing to fully actuate and unlock the door. When the temperature outside is colder, and the vehicle has been unused for awhile, most of the door locks seem to work. When we go to town on a warm day and the door locks are used allot, they seem to just click, jiggle a little and not actuate the door lock.
    AGAIN, Thank you for your input and response.
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    shoveit2003shoveit2003 Member Posts: 7
    I seem to have some as well. The electric to my driver side window and one of the door lock. Sue Nissan! Take a look at the other forums for info.
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