3rd row seating vibration ody vs sienna

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Test drove both 2011 sienna and 2010 odyssey taking turns with spouse and sitting in all areas of vehicles. spouse thought sienna was significantly quiter compared to odyssey. Spouse also thought odyssey had a lot of "vibration and rattling" under 3rd row seating.

I really preferred odyssey until this was pointed out, now I am so disappointed!

anyone else notice vibration under 3rd row seating in odyssey?

Does track system scream "CheeriO and dirt collector!" to any other parents in the Sienna??


  • kristine70kristine70 Member Posts: 9
    I had the salesperson drive me around a bit in various seats and I thought there was too much noticeable vibration in the 3rd row seat. I would not want to sit in it for a long trip.
  • kingofnothinkingofnothin Member Posts: 14
    Yes ... test drove both ody and sienna twice more at different dealers just to be sure. One right after another ... hands down the 2011 Sienna was a quieter and smoother ride compared to Ody. We bought the Sienna.
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