Terrible mistake on Accord 2009 LX-P

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It's the first time to post the question in this forum. :)

However, It's a kind of shame since I should post very stupid questions


- I did my first oil change around 3K. Is it very harmful?
- Used 5W-15 (or 5W-10) oil for my car. Is it ok?

Thanks in advance.


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    Honda uses a special "break in" oil and recommends that it not be changed until at least 5,000 miles, however, I don't think changing your oil earlier would seriously hurt your car.

    In regards to the type of oil you used, this may be more of a problem. To my knowledge, Honda engines often use 5W-20 oil. I am unsure of what effects a different type of oil might have.

    I would consult the service department at your local Honda dealer for more specifics on this.

    Good luck.
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    The wind shield sticker on my accord said 3,750 miles for the first oil change. Then, it was changed with 5W-20. But yeah the owners manual may say something like 5,000 miles. I don't remember it clearly.
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    It's unlikely you have done any harm or damage, but if I were you, I would use the correct weight oil as recommended in your owner's manual. What you put in may work OK in the winter and may actually improve your gas mileage, but it may be too thin for the summer heat. If you really put in 5W-10, I would change it before the summer heat arrives, but I'm pretty anal about oil. Your choice.

    BTW- for future reference, synthetic oils, like Mobil 1, really do work better in modern cars than the old dinosaur oils. More expensive, but you can go longer between changes.
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    Always change oil based on the maintenance minder hitting 15% (or after 12 months, whichever comes first). I'd change the oil yet again, however, to use the proper weight.

    Might I suggest moving this party to the Accord Maintenance & Repair forum? I'm short on time so somebody please provide the linky? :shades:
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