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Code #94

amichaelsamichaels Member Posts: 2
My 1995 Aurora recently developed a transmission problem while driving on the freeway. It just slipped out of gear, engine still running and the check-engine light came on. I stopped at the side and turned it off...then back on after a minute or so. No more check-engine light and we continued on home. That was 2 weeks ago and it happened again. I was a block away from an Aamco shop and the manager drove the car and checked the computer. He said the tranny drove fine and the code was #94, but he did not have further info regarding the problem and suggested the dealer. I've not had good experience with our local dealer so took it to another shop. It continues to read the same code and evidently it goes into 2nd gear because of a 'conflicting reading'...which the code reader attempts to explain, but no repair is suggested. And that's the way it is now. Does anyone out there know what the code #94 is and/or how to fix the problem? Please help!!



  • amichaelsamichaels Member Posts: 2
    I found my own answer and maybe it will help someone else: Code 94 is the Trans. shift solenoid A ratio problem. Diagnostics require an expert mechanic to correctly identify the exact component. This is from GM.

  • yoyo333387yoyo333387 Member Posts: 1
    Yes, amichaels, that is correct. They will probably have to go in the transmission if they can not reverse that code for that particular shift solenoid and replace it. What it costs? I don't know. I haven't had a drastic problem as such yet. I know this because I have the GM shop manuals for this vehicle. It is why my wife and I do not have such big issues with ours. My wife and I are very ginger with ours. When we have issues I look them up and diagnose first before taking it in. It is better to know what you need to have done first before the shop does. This avoids over charge and over maintenance. Shops try to push hours out of the shop. That is how the techs get paid. We've had some issues but nothing major. Ours leaks oil and still over heats but not to the red line. We stopped that. We have an oil cooler problem leading to the radiator and, our oil pan gasket is leaking a bit but not bad enough to fix it yet. The cooler regulates temperature to the anti-freeze/radiator by keeping it cool while circulation is taking place in the system. We loose a quart of oil a month is about all. To keep this engine as cool as possible we use full synthetic oil in our block. But we had a coolant leak we could not find for a month. It wound up being a coolant pipe very close to the nut that bolted to the block down where you can't see in the block on the right side. The car does smoke when this happens. That's because the coolant leaks into the V- valley of the block and just sits there and gets red hot to evaporation stage forming the smoke and smell of anti-freeze. To see the anti-freeze you must take off the top cover off the engine. Your radiator will loose pressure. It is supposed to be 18 psi. After a pressure test that psi will drop 1 psi at minimum. It is not your radiator cap. It's the leak causing that psi drop. This one doesn't need alot of maintenance yet. Soon we will go do the fuel system in about 4 more months and trans flush and trans filter change. We have a pretty nice Aurora as of yet at 70k. We live in the Texas heat. We use a detailing clay to clean the residue off of our paint first with soap water. Then we wash it and wax it right away. We do the entire car lights and all the glass outside with that clay. Everything comes off and stays smooth and a great shine. We have no cracks or fades in our paint. The clay really takes it all off and restores that paint job. But It does not work if paint is faded or flaked off already. You must still have the clear coat on it. I hope that if someone reads this reply that it helps them because these are nice cars if you can find one in almost show room condition like we did. We are very grateful to have ours and we enjoy it very much. The first owner really took excellent care of this one inside and out. have a great day. I hope I answered the young ladies question the best I could about her smoking car. :-)
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