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Hi, 1st post!
So i have a 99 chevy tahoe with loads of miles 180k, and I'm just now having problems with it, as of today I cant shift it into park. I can shift it into all the other gears just fine. Also I hear a roaring coming from the engine now. plz help! thanks


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    sounds like you need to get it to a transmission shop....

    however, seriously think about what the vehicle is worth vs....the cost of repair.

    99 tahoe w/180K miles might be worth 2-3K in running condition (check your local market w/vehicle model and features @nada). If you have to invest 2K in it to get the tranny fixed, it's still a 11 year old high mileage vehicle worth 2-3K. You may want to cut your losses and run.

    So get an estimate or two to see what the problem really is and the fix costs, but do your homework as to whether fixing it is the right thing to do.
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    Thanks for the advice, but as usual that nagging feeling got the best of me and i tried to tackle this one by my self. and lo and behold i fixed it lol i have no idea how tho....
    i took off the plastic around the steering column and found a loose sensor, i think it was way loose and hanging off a rod. idk what it was but i put it back on the rod and it shifted fine back into park, any ideas on what i may have done ? works now tho so i cant complain it dose after all have 180k miles so if i can ekk out another year ill be happy thanks for the help tho.
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    First off, park your Tahoe on a flat surface, set the emergency brake, chock the wheels and climb underneath. Find where the shifter assembly connects to the transmission and start moving things around. A loose bolt could be causing your problems! As for the engine roar, that could be from the transmission not quite engaging park. Don't go to the transmission shop until you are sure you can't fix it...
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