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BMW 3-Series Accessories and Add-Ons

babytwister88babytwister88 Member Posts: 7
edited July 2014 in BMW
I got used to the parking sensor with my nissan, the car costed only half of BMW. I saved me from accidents many times and scratches against object. My new 2010 328i doesn't have it and I would like to install it. Does anyone know how to install it? I brought the parking sensor that need no screw, just a silver metallic paper attach behind the bumper and wiring to the reverse light wire. Here comes the hardest part, I unplug the wires, but which one, there are four wires attached to the emergency brake light and reverse light. I gave up finally, looking for other solutions. Please I need your help if you have experience.


  • babytwister88babytwister88 Member Posts: 7
  • babytwister88babytwister88 Member Posts: 7
    Does anyone know how to install neon or led light behind the grilles under the hood? The BMW's concept cars have led light installed behind the grilles and it looks amazing. I don't know where to hook up the wires since the battery is located in the trunk.
  • texassuntexassun Member Posts: 13
    Anyones have been try it?
  • nepropneprop Member Posts: 41
    Hi. I bought this model used and it does not have a stock front license plate holder as they were not required back then, but now are in just about all states. Can you recommend a good aftermarket kit that will allow me to install a front license plate? I'm not too thrilled about having holes drilled in my front bumper. Thanks for your recommendations.
  • babytwister88babytwister88 Member Posts: 7
    That is nice, but it looks better if it is under the hood behind the grille, it looks much better.
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