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2006 TL Nav Package with 70k?

kaushal98kaushal98 Posts: 3
edited July 2014 in Acura
Hi All,

I'm in the market for used TL. I found this TL with nav package and everything but it has 70k miles. That's a bit higher than what I was looking for (55k or less).

However, the price is about 18k at an acura dealer w/o any negotiations yet. It is car fax one owner and no accidents. It will be Acura CPO and comes with 100k/7yrs power train warranty.

Is this a good buy? I like everything about it except the high miles. I just don't want any major maintenance in next couple of years, that's why I'm kind of hesitant.

Does this sound like a good buy? Or will it have a lot of maintenance on it. The dealer just replaced the tires and brakes yesterday.

I'll appreciate any help in making the decision.

Thanks in advance.


  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,600
    The problem with buying a used car from a dealer is that you have no idea how it was driven. Therefore, after the warranty expires it's more of a role of the dice than a car purchased from someone you know, for example. I wouldn't shy away from this car because of the mileage, though, because that isn't high mileage for a TL. Of course, the price you pay should reflect the mileage.
  • trailhikertrailhiker Posts: 26
    I have a 2008 TL and the Acura dealer had to replace the assembly that has the HFL Microphone, Map Lights and HomeLink. Since replacing that assembly, whenever I am using the HFL, the person on the other end complains it sounds like I am driving with the windows down there is so much road noise. This did not occur before they replaced the module. When I come to a stop at a stop light, the road noise completely goes away and comes back as soon as I start to accelerate again and gets worse the faster the car goes. I do not find any Microphone sensitivity adjustments documented in the manual. I am certain the problem started after they replaced this assembly. Has anyone experienced this road noise problem and do you know if there is an adjustment for the Microphone?
  • kaushal98kaushal98 Posts: 3
    @hpmctorque, Thanks for the reply. Yes, that's true. bought the car, and I think the price is significantly lower than kbb and edmunds TMV. The dealer also replaced the tires and brakes. :)
  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,600
    Congratulations! Good luck with it.
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