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I have seen a 2003 model at the dealer with 90k miles on it.
What are the possible technical details that i should look for in the car, like timing belt, suspension or any other part that needs to be replaced/changed or repaired?

Any pointer will be highly appreciated.
Thanks much



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    If you're thinking about buying it, check the owner's service record. If he did the servicing according to the book, you should be past one of the major service points at 60k. If he didn't, then you'll have to handle a number of jobs that are about due or past due. After checking the obvious stuff like engine smoke, noises, acceleration, idle, brakes and the transmission action (if its manual, the clutch plate may need changing) According to Mitsu specs, at 60k you should do the timing belt kit (might as well do the pullies and water pump while you've got it apart). Blowing the timing belt can cause major damage if you don't shut it down quickly. At 80k+ you'll probably need shocks and to get the front suspension (esp. ball joints) checked out.
    I own a 2003 Eclipse Spyder V6 and really like it - not ideal platform for a tuner, but it is a stylish, smooth cruising car with decent performance. Been very reliable and trouble-free so far.
    If you want to read in painful detail about maintenance, tuning and driver experiences with the 3G Eclipses, I'd highly recommend the 'Club 3G' site
    Good Luck!
    George Erles
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    I have a 03' black convertible gs with 25k garaged and detailed every year, I got it 1 1/2 years ago. I want to know is there anything I should do besides regular maintence? Any advice or experience with this car ???? Thanks!!!
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