Bluetooth, iPhones, and Siennas

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I bought a 2011 LE, and I'm very happy with it. One puzzle: I can't figure out how to play audio with my iPhone using Bluetooth. I have them connected (or paired or whatever the term is), and it briefly played over the stereo, so I know it works. But now the stereo -- just the standard one that came with the Sienna -- always says the iPhone is paused. I've tried pressing play on the iPhone, pressing play on the stereo, but no luck.



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    Just purchased a 2011 Sienna Limited & am having trouble pairing my Blackberry 9530 with the Sienna. The blackberry pairs just fine with my 2009 Prius. Can one Blackberry 9530 pair with and be used in two different Toyota vehicles?
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    That shouldn't have an effect. I pair my BlackBerrys with 2 cars.

    Must be something unique about the Sienna.
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    Sienna LE has Aux line-in, why don't you try to play audio with your iphone via the aux. The sound quality is much better. !!!
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    You can try calling your cellphone carrier and updating your software. I had that same problem with my Mazda where it suddenly stopped working and they told me it was only compatible with the latest upgrade. i haven't had a problem since.
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    To update my own question: somehow it's working now. I checked all the settings on my iPhone and must've had something turned off that I turned on, because it's fine now.
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    I connected a portable MP3 player (garmin 755T) with an audio output jack to the AUX input plug on my 2011 Sienna LE. Pressing the AUX selector never shows the AUX mode - only BT setup. If I plug in a USB player it shows that OK also. Thanks for any help on this.
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    The Sienna 2011, the bluetooth can be successfully paired with phone bluetooth for phone call (just for make call or answer call only).

    It can't be paired correctly with phone stereo bluetooth. It means you can't listen the video/youtube or music from your phone bluetooth (A2DP) thru Sienna 2011 Bluetooth.

    And It means that Toyota might have incorrectly claimed that their bluetooth on Sienna 2011 has support A2DP.

    If you take your van to Toyota service, the tech sevice would tell you, I know but I did not design it. if you call Toyota corporation, no one would be able to help you and might ask you to bring to dealer. You are in deadend. Of course, you can't return the car :-). But again, their bluetooth A2DP does not function.

    Do you think that Toyota deserves a class action on this. It's not about safety as brake got stuck, it's about advertising / claiming something and selling something else? I hope they fill fix it.

    If you succesfully paired and able to listen your music from the phone thru bluetooth A2DP (stereo) on Sienna 2011 - Please post your phone model.
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    Thanks for the reply, however I am not trying to use bluetooth but simply the audio output jack on my device to the audio input of the toyota - analog audio. The output from the device works for headphones but is not detected by the Toyota audio system.
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    My 2011 LE AWD work fine with my iphone via bluetooth. When I plug my iphone to the usb port the radio unit even display the name of the playing song and play list on the screen
    Also I can use the car bluetooth option to make and receive phone call as well
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    When I plug my ipod (classic gen 5) into the usb port it works and then suddenly cuts out (display says audio off). Has anyone else had this problem????
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    I am having the same problem with both my iPhone 3GS and my wife's classic iPod. The USB worked at first, but now does not. With the iPhone a song will play for a few seconds, then displays "Connected to Device" but doesn't play, The radio still displays the song, but no sound. I am sittng at a Toyota dealership while they reseasrch the problem. I am not hopeful. Anyone else see this? Any solutions? Is it me or the van?
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    Update: Service tech got his iPhone to work just fine, but has older iPhone software (3.0). Mine has the more recent 4.0.1. He thinks my wif'e's iPod is so old the software is also an issue. He is going to check with Toyota on the iPhone.
    Again, please post anything you may learn.
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    Some times, I don't understand people, Have a nice new house with window in the kitchen, the window got stuck, and the friend come over advises, forget about that window, if open the door would have more air. So what the window for?

    For me I would try and have that window fix, otherwise, I will knock down that window and shield it up, so at least I put the poster of Sienna with 3 wheels.

    It's the first time I purchase the Sienna LE and very disappointed Toyota marketing, it does not have a minimum basic feature. I have Camry LE 10 years ago, it has the automatic head light on when evening turns dark (so you would never forget and never get ticket).
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