Compact Pickup Comparison: Frontier, Ranger, Tacoma, S10, Dakota, B-Series, & Hombre



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    same difference
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    Only sold in the 1998-2000 model years. So there's not a whole lot of them out there.
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    Has anyone put a Fisher plow on a 6 cyl extended cab Tacoma? How does the Tacoma plow compared to an S-10?
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    Does anyone know whats in store for the 2003 Tacoma? Any design changes or engine changes? Thanks
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    well, i heard it may go mid-size with some crappy small under-powered v8. ranger is mid-sized and will get the 4.6. so will the s10, renamed the colorado will get the i-6 with 275 horses.
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    tbunder: Who cares about the Ranger though? Ford can't find an engine to put into the thing, they just started a "new" 4L 2 years ago, and already it'll be ditched because with bigger midsize Ranger 4L will suddenly become weak. Well....who knows. Maybe Ford will start making Rangers out of "real steel" and not "tin", so it will weight 5,000 lbs. Oh, and have a bed welded to the frame too. And you'll be able to jump the truck left and right, and then still sell it on ebay saying "truck has never been abused".

    tgravo2: Oh a more serious note:
    Tacoma and 4Runner are getting a redesign. Not bad for a 8 year old model, eh? They are getting bigger, and Tacoma will move from compact into midsize truck category, like Dakota is now. As far as engines go:
    It'll either be a 3.7L V6, or a 4.7L V8.
    3.7L Has been mentioned recently by few people.
    But at Chicago autoshow 4Runner was shown with a 4.7L V8 from Tundra, and seeing how 4Runner and Tacoma share the drivetrain, one would think that it would get a 4.7L V8. It's not underpowered, in fact, it beats Fords' 4.6L they put in F150.
    Unfortunately, a Tacoma with a V8 could stomp on Tundra's market, so unless Toyota redesignes Tundra to make it bigger, Tacoma may not get the V8.
    Overall, seeing how it's a new model, I'd wait a little before buying it, until obvious bugs are worked out. Toyota has not been known for having 5-7 recalls the first year unlike some OTHER companies :), but anything can happen.
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    "They are getting bigger, and Tacoma will move from compact into midsize truck category, like Dakota is now."

    So where would that leave the Tundra?
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    Believe it or not, Tundra is still considered fullsize. So it'll be just like Dodge has: Dakota vs. Ram 1500.
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    you basically re-iterated what i said already. just like you, to get half the picture and then sound like you know what you're talking about. we all know better, eh? but who do you think will sell more trucks in '03?

    scorpio, last time i checked, the tundra was closer in size to a dakota, a ram towers over any tundra not to mention it can out-perform it in every way. the more you type, the dumber you sound bud.
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    If 4.8L V8 is crappy and underpowered, what's 4.6L V8 from Ford? It's even more underpowered in all aspects. how about Dakota's V8s? THe only Dakota engine that is more powerful than Tundras' V8 is 1.1L larger in displacement (5.8L V8, that cranks out same hp and 20 more lb/ft of torque), because their 4.7L V8 is considerably weaker than Tundra's.
    How about Ford? Ford has to make an engine 0.7L larger in displacement to get more power and torque, because Fords' 4.6L is.....weak?

    So what half of what picture did I get? Everything I listed above was said by you as a fact, and defended until you were fed links and information showing that it was not true. Real steel? Ha! Bed welded to the frame? Yeah right.

    We know who will sell more trucks in 2003. Ford will. I'm not going to say that all of Fords' customer base is going to go out and abandon the company to buy a new Avalanche or , god forbids, a [non-permissible content removed] truck. Hell no, [non-permissible content removed] don't know how to build them trucks! We'll see which company has more growth sales growth rate (or declines in sales the least), closes the least plants and fires less people. We'll see who has more trucks leftover and what trucks have more recalls the first year.
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    new Ram does tower over everything...including F150.
    However, older Ram models do look comparably close to Dakota.
    Tundra is still considered a fullsize pickup, whether you like it or not.
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    Who said anything about the 4.0l v6 being ditched? If the Ranger does grow in size, the 4.0l may just take the place of 3.0l models today.

    Also isn't the interior of the Tacoma slightly bigger than a Tundra already?
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    Well, on 2003 4Runner (but both are essentially the same vehicle):
    It'll get a new 3.3L V6 with 230-240hp and torque around there, with an optional V8, which will most likely be the 4.7L from Tundra.
    Also it seems that Tacoma will not be redesigned and for sale this fall (which would explain nearly complete lack of info on it, whereas 4Runner has been to trade shows), but instead will go into production fall of next year. New 4Runner will be available this fall. And it seems 4Runner may get cheaper because of design being done completely on a computer (like Boeing does with new planes now). Maybe.
    Thats all the rumours.

    stang: Bigger Ranger would weight less, and 4.0L wouldnt really pull the weight too well at that point. The 3.0L will probably get ditched, but what'll take place of the new engine? Which V8 from F150 lineup?
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    Which truck keeps outperforming everything else (even Jeeps, Hummers and Land Rovers)?

    Which truck is rated as the most reliable?

    Toyota Tacoma, on both counts.
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    "a ram towers over any tundra not to mention it can out-perform it in every way."

    -Really? That's funny because the Tundra out accelerates the Ram (both empty and loaded with 1000 lbs.), outbrakes it, gets better fuel economy, has a quieter interior at idle and highway speeds, and has a longer bed. And if you believe Car and Driver, it has a higher towing capacity. (7100 lbs. vs. 6100 lbs.)
    Oh, but that's right, it's not quite full-size so I guess I shouldn't compare it to a REAL truck like the Ram, right?

    "the more you type, the dumber you sound bud."

    -my sentiments exactly!
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    mis-information. is it your middle name? go here and learn a little, and then compare and contrast (you can do that, right?)

    then here:

    do you see where the gvwr and tow ratings are higher on the dodge? also, would you buy a tundra to get .3 inch longer bed? what if you want a long bed access cab? is it available? negatory. ill give you the payload, but i still ponder at the article ive read where the tundra needs helper springs for large loads. also, how would i get a 3/4 ton tundra? i hate dodges. they're probably the weakest of the big 3, but this convo has led to these trucks. who really cares about acceleration speed in a pickup? wanna compare 4.7 to a lightning? 4x4 trucks are built for work. towing and the ability to handle large loads daily. the tundra, with its smallish tacoma drivetrain, is a joke when even mentioned to the real full-size trucks offered by the big three. we all know this, it is a poser. a grocery getter with a tird sticker on its azz. its racing development gets it to the mall parking lots faster than any other truck. but not to the construction sites, as it would easily be outclassed by a real truck.

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    I guess it must really bother you that the Tundra can compete, since your response was emotional.

    The links you gave also show that the Tundra has a tighter turning radius (no surprise) and better ground clearance. I didn't even realize that the Tundra has a higher payload rating as well. Not bad for a truck that's "not really full size," huh?
    Now why is the Ram better again? those great trannys?
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    entitled Compact Truck Comparison....Now that's real good.
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    Scorp--->I just said in the post before, if the Ranger does grow in size, the 4.0l will then likely replace the 3.0l. Choices in v8's, well who knows, Ford produces so many variants that it would be hard to guess. Let's not forget the current 4.2 v6 in F-150's, the 4.6 v8, the 5.4l v8, the 7.3l v8, or even the 6.8 v10(probably not, but I still can wish). There is also a 3.9 v8, the 3.8 v6, and the rumored Diesel I-5.

    Take your pick, because your guess is as good as mine for what will be available in a new Ranger model. But you have to admit there are much more choices with Ford, instead of one 4.7l v8.
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    Yes, they have more choices.....what I'm wondering is this: will anyone ever be able to justify having like a 5.8L V8 in a midsize Ranger? Sounds like a pretty big overkill to me....if you actually need that power to tow something, you ought not have a Ranger anyway.
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    For one, a there is no Ford 5.8l, unless you're talking about the 351 Windsor, but I don't know of any current vehicles that come with this factory equipped.

    Second, If (or when) the Ranger becomes midsize, which should place it to be similair to the Dakota, do not forget the Dakota offers a Magnum 5.9l. Of course you probably would say that both are too much power. I would just say that Ford (and Dodge) offer more options and models than Toyota does, again.

    The Ranger is a great tow vehicle. Granted a 25 foot boat is not in order, but a pair of jetski's or a motorcycle trailer is definitely on the menu (even with a 4 cylinder). The current 4.0L should be able to tow a small boat or even a light race car with no problems.
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    Well, yes, 5.8L does not exist. What I was trying to say is that I think it'd be hard to justify giving a midsize (if and when) truck that much power. There's a tow limit, and current V6 can tow anything in that weight limit anyway. How many people do you see driving a Dakota with the biggest V8, that are towing at the limit of their truck? People go with Ram for that, because there's a safety margin there, and you don't work your truck to death fast.
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    you can make is that the heavier your tow vehicle, (generally) the more steadily you can tow heavier loads. So, as long as the frame is sturdy, and the truck itself is not uncumbersome, there is not reason a larger Ranger(, or a Dakota) should stick with smaller displacement motors, simply because they have larger cousins available from the same factory. You can count on a full range of options from pure economical to performance and power. I think the comparison you are trying to make is similair to a Honda CRV getting a 454 Chevy big clock under hood. Yes that would be overpowering the frame, but Ranger's are pretty beefy to begin with, and have a great rigid frame already. There is no reason to believe a bigger version would less stout, only the same or better.

    The 10,000 dollar question is, that since Ford likes to fill all the niches available, (I.E. Explorer, then Expedition, then Excursion, then Escape, and might as well say Econoline), if the Ranger goes midsize, just under all of the F-Series, then could there be another compact truck in the making? For has full size and compact trucks under their belt, if they move to fullsize and "midsize", they might not be abandoning teh compact genre. This is just speculation mind you, but it seems like a possibility.

    Side note: I know you were just making an example, but the 5.8l or 351 Windsor can fit in my 93 Ranger. This engine is available as a crate engine from Ford. It's actually not that hard to fit that engine under hood, it's dealing with all the wiring changes and such if you go with EFI. And it wouldn't be to much of an overload on the truck, but doing this wouldn't really be for towing(although it's definitely possible), it would be more for racing.
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    I'd agree with your speculation. Ford sells a hell of a lot of rangers, so I think it's weird that they would drop the compact line all together. actually, compact pickups in general sell quite well. who knows, these companies spend millions on market analysis to see what "we really want." I guess we'll have to wait and see.
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    the compact segment is dropping yearly. and rumors are that the compact pickup will totally be discontinued. a full-size can be had for just a little bit more a month. blue oval news or somewhere i read that. hence the move to bigger mid-size, or so rumor has it.
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    After all, not everybody likes big [non-permissible content removed] V8s with their gas milage. As weird as it sounds coming from a guy who drives a truck, I do want more economical vehicles around and would buy a hybrid truck if they came out with one (that would have decent power).

    stang: A 5.8L would be quote nice in a truck that could handle it all. It is at least very possible to drop a 4.6L V8 from Lexus SUV into a Taco, some drilling required, of course, but nevertheless, it works.
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    I guess I better buy a compact soon before they're gone. Living in an urban area sucks when you have to manuever a full-size truck around.
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    Cant be. Look at how many are out there. There will always be a market for them.

    Ford, GM would be foolish to discontinue them.

    (I know the midsize trucks are coming soon from both)

    They are "entry level" vehicles as well as nicely equipped trucks with all the goodies.

    How could you abandon a market segment that you sell so many trucks in?

    To tell the consumer "if you want one of our trucks now you have to spend more on a bigger truck" is just one step away from selling nothing but full size trucks.

    Nothing wrong with a full size truck, the compact has its advantages as well.
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    Jim--->What if you offered a "midsize" truck for the price of a compact? It's all very much in the air as to what will happen...

    scorpio--->Possible, maybe, but I hope you have a plasma cutter and a nice welder on hand to complete the process. You'd probably have to weld your own motor mounts, and what about Toyota's bellhousing bolt patterns?
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    As well as move the's a pain, but doable. Just not recommended.
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    They have to put that in the silverado first. That's all GM has, is engine strength. Build quality is very poor.

    Tacoma will get the new v-6. Don't think I can hold my truck purchase off until 04 though.

    Like to see the Ultra-reliable Nissan drop the 3.5 into a truck. Even the new 2.5 4 banger.
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    I heard the Tacoma is getting the new V6 in 03 along with a new body design. Are you sure its 04?
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    It seems like it'll be 2004 model. There's been absolutely no talk about new redesigned Tacoma at the autoshows, but they did show a 2003 redesigned 4Runner. I think 4Runner and Taco will continue to share the chassis, so Toyota will introduce 4Runner first, work out the bugs in a year, and then put new Tacoma out that'll not have bugs the 4Runner had. Smart tactic.
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    got it all figured out. no wonder they call him sc0rpio. not.......
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Member Posts: 897
    And also, -->think<--
    I'm not trying to come off as a valid source of information, but rather posting my speculations based on what I've heard. I'm making a personal guess here, hence "I think".
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    I like the design now for 02 and wouldn't mind them keeping it for 03 on the Tacoma, I just hope they put the new V6 in it for 03. I will be looking to buy a TRD 4x4 late this year, so I may wait till the 03 model comes out.
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    The new grill kinda grows on you..I like it.
    Don't hold your breath yet for the new engine. It's rumoured to be 3.7L or something along those lines with 220-240hp/torque. Hopefully it'll be enough to offset the increase in weight that Taco gets. Unless the new engine is a bored/stroked 3.4L, I'd stay away from it the first year out. That way you can save yourself a headache of having to go to a dealer with problems if they arise....take the Ranger FX4 for example: can you imagine how much it'd hurt if you thought you bought an offroad truck that would blow the axle 1 week after the purchase in a parking lot and had to take it to a dealer to get the axle replaced? (true case)
    Hopefully nothing like that is going to happen, but just to be safe. But if you get lucky, and 2003s do get a new engines...bummer for me :), I just bought my TRD 4 month ago.
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    do you have any type of cap or tonneau cover for your tacoma? I drive an SUV now, but am looking to possibly get a tacoma in the future. But my biggest hangup about moving to a pickup is losing that interior space. (no, I don't want the doublecab either)
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Member Posts: 897
    No...I don't like the looks of a cap on my truck. The next two items on my list are a line-x/herculiner/rhino liner and then a tonneau, so I can stuff all the tools/stuff I have now stored in the back of the cab into the bed.
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    Ive owned both a Ranger and Tacoma and to me the Tacoma is a better truck. If they come out with a new engine, I am confident in Toyota's quality that there will not be many problems with them. Do you know if there was any problems when they introduced the 3.4 in the Tacomas in 95? I don't know of any and I am hoping the new ones are very reliable.
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    There were long-term (2 years out) problems with head gaskets on the 3.4L, thats about it.
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    I had a 98 with the 3.4L and it was flawless. I loved it. If the new V6 comes out, I am willing to take a risk and buy it. You know they say the greatest risk is not taking one, and if I don't buy the new one I think I may regret it in the future.
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    LOL..what'll happen to trucks in the US is what has happended to cars already, imports will start taking over. The Tundra has already been rated better in quality and safety than any Ford, Chevy, Dodge, etc. I'm all for American products, but as far as vehicles go...I'm going with the quality/styling/reliability of imports.

    And to Zigster38..I agreed with the statement that GM only has engine power, no reliability/build quality. After owning a Z28 for 3 years I know it's true. That thing had more problems than my little sisters 12k Toyota Tercel(has had no problems after 4 years). I own a Nissan Frontier Crew Cab 4x4 now and would love to see them drop the 240hp V6 from the Pathfinder into it. Other than that, I love it. Gets more looks than any other truck on the road.
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    right. maybe in the year 3000. dude, you smoking something? ever heard of ford? they make this thing called a truck, which has been the best selling vehicle in the WORLD, for the last 25 years. also make this thing called taurus/sable, which sells more examples than either toyota camry or honda accord, in the USA. get your crap straight before you make totally idiotic comments you stated earlier.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Member Posts: 897 might be that people look at it and think "Oh my god....who designed that thing?" Personally I think of them as of "plastic spaceships", and the "Supercharged 210 hp V6" ad campaign makes me laugh. Frontier is due for overhaul. It's due to get a new engine, and it's definitely due to get a new, older look. On the nissan website they have some pictures of a concept alpha truck, and that thing is even uglier-looking than Avalanche. Cudoes to Nissan for trying to be innovative, but there's got to be a limit.
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    tbunder. Whats the matter, you got laid off? You are a little grouchy there, and they haven't even mentioned you yet.
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    you sure you want to be on the record saying that the Mercury Sable outsells the accord or camry? Detroit still dominates the truck market no doubt, but they're getting killed in the car market and have been for some time.
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    Everyone knows that tbunder just makes up his information. Don't argue with him... just laugh at him. Can you name more than maybe a few times that he was right about anything?
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