G37 phone system - how can I see name of incoming calls

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I have just leased a 2010 G37x coupe, with navigation. I have a question regarding the bluetooth phone system. When I get an incoming call, only the number the is displayed, not the name of the caller. This is despite the fact that I have set up the phonebook function with a list of names and numbers.

Does anyone know how to get the names of incoming callers to be displayed?



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    Do i have to buy xm weather package to keep gettin the weather feature in my screen or do you get an added feature if you purchase xm weather
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    Yes you need to purchase xm weather to get the weather feature. And when I asked xm about this a couple of months ago, they told me it was
    $ 9.95 a month for traffic and weather together (don't think you can get weather without traffic), and $ 12.95 a month for full xm including radio. Since the radio service only cost $ 3 a month more, I got the full xm service.
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