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2011 M37 Brown Spots on Chrome

rhv1rhv1 Posts: 2
Anyone else have this problem on their Infiniti? Spots will not come off and I have only had the car for a week!


  • its the wax they use to protect the chrome. I used some Klasse All in one to polish it up and have not seen them since. i imagine any chrome polish should do it
  • It's not the wax. Infiniti replaced our trim.
  • veragenveragen Posts: 34
    Engine101, Just curious :confuse: , but I have very little chrome on vehicle like window-frame, door-handles and stainless chrome exhaust-tips. You say the brown spots on chrome was not the wax, Mmm! So of what cause the spots on your trim? Also Infiniti replaced your trim. Which Infiniti trim you had & what trim you have now?
  • engine101engine101 Posts: 7
    edited May 2012
    It's the trim that runs along the top of the car above the windows. I don't know what the cause of the brown spots were from and I really don't care. Infiniti replaced the chrome so all is good on our end.
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