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Mercedes Benz S-Class Maintenance and Repair

detroitlionsdetroitlions Posts: 20
edited August 2014 in Mercedes-Benz
i had the shifter replaced and still it fails to get outta park let alone start..i have an s-class 430..thanks


  • minhskiminhski Posts: 36
    What is that hissing sound coming from underneath the driver's seat, even when the engine is off.

    Usually when I first start up the car, after driving for about 5-10 minutes, the sound stops. Or I would start the car and then turn off the ignition, and I can still hear it.

    Looking underneath the seath, I see a couple of silvery cannisters about 4 inches long, that looks like a little gas tube. What is that thing, and could the sound come from there?

  • bruno12bruno12 Posts: 1
    There are several lights not working on my instrument panel -the temp buttons are out and the right side vent buttons are not lit. big problem ? how to fix
  • Were you able to resolve the hissing problem under the driver's seat? I have the same noise in my S55 when I open the door. It lasts about 45 seconds.
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