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    is my ex 1977 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40. The only vehicle that I ever
    made money on, bought it for $6700 (NEW) and sold it a few years later
    for $7800 due to starving college student status...
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    great background shot, nice attractive neighborhood, very pleasant
    backdrop for most large DOMESTIC truck offerings...
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    That backdrop was BLAHHHHHHHHHHH

    Dreary day when i took the pic.

    Wait till summer time ill give you some nice pics

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    ..But who's truck will you use for those Ryan?


    Best 4X4...all around....Jeep CJ

    - Tim
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    Early Bronco. CJ's, Scouts are frail by comparison. Early Land Cruiser is very strong but has weak Chevy copied 6 cylinder. Early LC with Chevy V8 almost equal to early Bronco.
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    modvptnl, I AGREE 101% regarding the Landcruiser copycat of the
    Gen. Patton world war II jeep, also 327 equipped 70'S LC would
    do wheelies with kit from Downey Toyota or Advanced Adapters...

    Ahhh I knew my '77 Landcruiser FJ40 was best ever in whole
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    After my '69 Bronco with breathed on 5.0 EFI, 4 wheel discs, 5" front lift(all in the coils) custom dual shock hoop, Dana 44 front with 5.13's and ARB locker, wide ratio AOD(advance adapters)11 leaf rear springs.......All ready for assembly with the exception of the Lincoln 9" disc brake rear.
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    Off road mag voted my Landcruiser "Best 4x4..." back in 1977...
    It came with some nice Mickey Thompson 32" rubber....your
    Bronco is impressive, sure hope you used RANCHO shocks..too bad
    the Bronco II was not as formidable, then again it was mini SUV

    Happy holidays....

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    Rancho is OK. I'm either going with a reservoir Bilstein(not the cheap stuff on the Toyotas and Chevies) or a King, Fox or Duetch Tech.

    My neighbor has an in with King so I'm leaning that way right now.
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    The "Gen. Patton jeep" you refer to was actually a version of the Dodge 3/4 ton truck called the Weapons Carrier. Commanders used it because was bigger than a regular jeep. The same platform was used for a variety of other uses, most notably as an ambulance. After the war, Dodge produced a civilian version of that truck called the Power Wagon. The Power Wagon was the first factory built 4x4 on the market, beating out the civilian jeep by a couple of years.
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    The dodge ram offroadster is the best 4X4 pickup on the market today!
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    as I've owned two of those...
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    Youd rather have that car instead of my truck?

    I dont think the guy has it anymore. He has been driving his sons Dakota and on sundays he drives his lexus (church crusin car white and gold nice car)

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    What else is there? Seriously, though. From a completely stock perspective, save tires, you just can't argue with the Scout II.

    I've lost count, however, of the number of early Broncos & CJs, that I've had to help remove from various off-road obstacles. I didn't give them a hard time about it, though. At least, not until I went through or over the same hole/obstacle!

    "...Scouts are frail by comparison." In comparison to what, an M1A1 Tank?

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    I think Scouts are cool!! But when you compare frames(everyone that BUILDS a Scout or CJ ends up boxing the frame, no mods needed on the early Bronco frame! and the ability to build a a Ford motor compared to a binder motor, there is no comparison!!! The front axle combos and transfer case(Dana 20) seem to be equal(Did the Scout ever go to Dana 44's in front? The Bronco did in '71 and never used less than a 30. I know the CJ's used a smaller than a 30 front and THINK so did the Scouts) and the 9" Ford rear is a plus for the Bronc. I've said it before, the Scout would be my second choice!!!
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    I agree 99%, Scout II (1977) very formidable, especially with 245 V8. I ve seen them in action
    at Hollister Hills off road park in No. Cal in late '70's, also Gorman near Castaic Lake in
    No. Los Angeles....the '77 Landcruiser is still no. 1, the Bronco 1.5
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    Chevy Luv is the best 4X4 ever.
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    I know you MEANT 345 V8!!!!! I think that's 2 steak and lobster dinners you owe me.LOL!!

    BTW I grew up in Santa Clarita (Newhall) not only frequented Gorman but Indian Dunes where I raced Moto-X. Great area til people discovered it.
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    Just dropped in and see lots of you yacking about various rigs which are NOT "pickup trucks." No box = not a Pickup!" If you want to talk about best 4WD in general, it's a Hummer, of course! Just ask all the grunts who've ever used them.
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    But the early Bronco was available in pickup form. Waaaaay before all these sport tracs, quad cabs, and all those other trucks with the smallish beds.

    Hummer? Great suspension! Built like tank! Mostly powered by GM diesel(some have mild 350 gas motor) that GM won't even use any more, painfully slow, too large for any kind of woods or rock crawling. So no, the Hummer is not even close to "best". Now Arnold's Hummer with a one off built 454 would make a great desert runner!
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    Landcruiser FJ40/FJ45 (best 4x4 in the universe) had a pick-up model. Hummers are great, big enough to take out
    trees that happen to be in the way. FOUR WHEEL mag shows Hummers on infamous RUBICON trail, where four
    wheelers take their vehicles rock climbing with sometimes
    horrifying results. The Hummers look great. Can also carry
    Tow missiles, mini guns other weopons for defense or
    offensive....I think they are too big to be the best
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    maybe perhaps be a condender for best......must now have
    CUMMINS though......
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    don't know that muck (haha) about trucks but did see on Eurosport channel a little 4x4 called a "Unimog". Since the topic is best on planet I would definitely nominate that thing.
    They were doing climbing and obstacle trials which are, apparently, popular enough in Europe to warrant TV coverage. These Unimogs were, in my estimation, unstoppable by any obstacle even remotely considered.
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    They ain't cheap. Coming from MB, doubt we'll see too many here.
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