Nissan Pathfinder Engine Problems

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Most of the time the engine will start just fine. Occasionally it is hard to start. When it does, check engine light comes on, at idle tack reads 1K and it runs rough. Pushing on accelerator will increase tack to 4K, not gradual. Have installed new air filter, fuel pump, tested a rebuilt mass air flow sensor, distributor cap and rotor. Dealer ran diagnostic test and can't find the problem. Thought it might be bad A/C compressor???
What else can I check?


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    Yesterday while stuck in LA traffic my 05 Pathfinder began making a knocking noise. As soon as traffic let up and highway speed was reached the knocking seemed to disappear. The oil pressure gauge seemed to be moving more than usual as well but stabilized once RPM's were up to about 2,000. This knocking persisted each time the car slowed down and seemed to disappear if I put the car in neutral and increased RPM's.

    I made it home and checked oil level which was fine. I just changed oil and filter a week ago. I have 53,000 miles on this vehicle and have never experienced this problem before?

    I tried to determine where the knocking was coming from and it seems to be loudest on the passenger side and is quite loud while idling.

    Any ideas would be welcomed as I am at a loss.

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    engine knocking it has 135,000 miles on the engine. Three yrs ago let oil get low and noise started right after that. I still get good gas milage for the type of vehicle and it burna a qt of oil between changes. Is this normal or have I done damage to the valves and would a valve adjustment take care of the problem and if so what would I expect to pay for the adjustment. We bought the car new in aug of 03.
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