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2010 Hyundai Santa Fe SE break-in period

exq987exq987 Posts: 6
edited August 2014 in Hyundai
I just purchased a 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe SE yesterday and received conflicting information regarding the break-in period. The dealer said there was no specific break-in period however the manual said not to exceed 3-4 rpms and vary the speed. I still need to test the vehicle to see what 3-4 rpms equates to.

I spoke with family and friends and they said I shouldn't go long distances for 500 miles and also not to drive over 55-65 mph. Is this true? What did you other Santa Fe owners do when you first purchased your vehicle. Thanks for the feedback.


  • panderspanders Posts: 1
    I also was advised by the dealer that for the first 500 miles not to use the cruise, vary my speed and try not to exceed 60 mph.
  • exq987exq987 Posts: 6
    Thanks...I will do that.
  • I purchased one in April and at 13,500 miles it started to leak oil. It has been at a the dealership since August 16th and they still have not fixed the problem. Oil pan replacement caused "Engine" light to go on and they can not fix the problem. Multiple replacement parts have been recommended by the Hyundai Engineer with no resolution. Good luck with the break of the oil leak.
  • 319319 Posts: 2
    I purchase a brand new Santa Fe in May. Last week with 7000+ miles I noticed a leak. Took it to the dealer this week and they put a dye in my oil. I will return next week so they can check it out. Obviously a product defect and years too early for a car to develop a leak. Despite the resolution at the dealer this will be my first and last hyundai. Some internet research found that it is probably the crank seal which Hyundai seems to know about. I'm sure it will be a major inconvenience. So much for them producing a vastly superior product to when they started out.
  • 319319 Posts: 2
    Dealer "fixed" timing chain cover leak 4 days ago. Today I awoke to oil on my garage floor. What is it going to be this time? I'll keep you posted. Also, transmission is surging. Vehicle is obviously junk. If you are reading these reviews to research new not buy a Hyundai. There is no comunication between Hyundai engineers and dealers because my dealer is clueless...or just acting that way.
    NJ--Sport Hyundai EHT
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