2000-2005 Crown Vic RCMP Car

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Hello, I am looking to buy a 2000-2005 Crown Vic RCMP car. I have heard that they have a strickt maintenance schedule which includes engine and transmission changes. Is there a preffered KM range where one should have a new engine and/or transmission, or is it basically the lower the KM the better? Are these good reliable cars and is there anything specific that I should looking for on these cars? I have owned a 1993 Caprice RCMP car, and that thing was incredible. I sold it around 400,000 KMS for something a little cheaper on gas and even at those KMS it still ran great. I am hoping that these police cars are as durable and reliable. Thanks for any information and help


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    Alright, although funny, not very useful. Doesn anyone else have any information? :)
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    I buy and sell retired police cars here in Michigan.The mileage on these cars is usally not a factor, unless it`s extremely high, or your buying to resell. My best advice is to insist on service records being made available.Every police Dept. has them, and most offer them with the car.Inspect the service file prior to buying. Here in the states the two most common service intervals are 3000, and 5000 miles. The file should reflect regular maint. It will also show any Collision damge repairs, Which are very common. Although a fender or door skin replacement isn`t a deal breaker, Frame/unibody straighting should raise some concerns. The most common problems with these cars are COP (coil on plug) Failure, which is an easy fix, and front clutch failure in transmission which is not, But is covered under ford motor tech. service bullitin. I buy cars from 2000 thru 2006 with a max. of 110,000 miles, but that is arbitrary, as people shy from buying higher mileage cars. I`d be comfortable driving them to 200,000 miles. Hope this helps. Jim.
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