Lexus GX 470 vs RX330

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Instead of minivan we are thinking about getting a SUV. Which one is better option for an urban life. RX330/GX470 or Highlander.
I have tried 2009 highlander but didn't like the ride, not sure if GX470 is also bumpy like highlander. Does anyone know if GX470 has better ride than highlander. Consumer guide has very poor rating for GX470. I like GX470, but am confused about the comfort level of the car in city. I am really looking for quite ride.



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    The GX470 is "base" RWD, inherently much safer in wintertime adverse roadbed conditions. But being as top heavy as it is it's probably a little more subject to rollover that one might like.

    RX series.....forget it.

    Base FWD and poor, extremely poor, implementation of F/awd, even the newer 2010 F/awd system.

    While I very much dislike the dash/instrument panel CLUTTER of the Acura RDX it's implementation of F/awd, SH-AWD, is head and shoulders above ANY other base FWD vehicle in the market.

    Ouiet and comfortably riding...??

    Summer use ONLY tires.
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    how about ride quality comparing to 2009 Highlander Sport? Is GX470 more comfortable?
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    You're kidding me, right...??

    Unless unusual design measures, efforts(***), are made HEAVIER ALWAYS means more cumbersome riding.

    *** RX's and LS's air suspension. Dynamically responsive to driving and road conditions, air ride, EXPENSIVE air ride.

    Highlander....FWD or at best F/awd, POORLY implemented F/awd therefore remains PATENTLY UNSAFE for wintertime adverse roadbed use. The good news is that the HL (2012..??) will soon be upgraded, undoubtedly, to the newer, more capable, F/awd system.

    STILL patently unsafe, but an improvement none-the-same.
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