Car for Larger People?

babyjohnson78babyjohnson78 Member Posts: 5
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Hi I am interested in the scion xb and would like to know if there are any overweight scion xb owners out there. I carry my weight in my stomach and sometimes it is hard to find a comfortable car. I dont want to drive an old person's car like cadillac all the time. I was wondering what the comfortable level was for a front seat driver. Please respectful replies.


  • motodadmotodad Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2006 XB and I am abig guy. I have no trouble with comfort in front seats. I also have some large freinds and long legged freind who find XB comfortable in front and back. There is a weight limit though. I think it's 800 or something like that for people and cargo. Hope this helps you. I am also disabled and find XB is most comfortable.
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