Electrical Problems with my Mercedes Benz GL 320

jderobertsjderoberts Member Posts: 1
I will not recommend this diesel SUV to anyone. I have owned it for two and a half years. During that time, it has had constant electrical problems, back hatch did not lock in place, parktronic did not work, keyless remote did not work and yet the dealer could not get things fixed. I am now working with Mercedes Corporation to see if there is some resolution to the problem. (The car has less then 30,000 miles on it and has had all of it's regular services. )


  • jbhungvtjbhungvt Member Posts: 2
    Is this a 2008 model?
  • peachgl320peachgl320 Member Posts: 1
    Owned since brand new.Reliable?not anymore!!!!!
    Something is definitely wrong with 2008s. Same complaints as others. Lights inside flashing on off when hitting bumps or smooth. Rear liftgate latch wouldn't latch. $1100 repair. Car locks/ unlocks no reason. Air ride malfunction now. Changed instrument cluster $ 2865 repair. After that fuel system sensors quit /telling us no fuel (still had 9 gallons, no yellow light). They cannot fix. First week owned said add oil. Oil was full. Started that again last month. More bill $ 700+ that time. Did it get fixed?? Now fuel system two more episodes. It's about time for the Daimler boys to do something. A friend sold his 2008 GL320CDI after similar issues and said he's never going back after 11 MB CARS. Said "cars are too complex and they cannot fix them when they break" . Went to Lexus. We are MB fans/diesel. Getting weaned off fast. This is our families 15th MB going back to the 60's.
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    I'm looking at a used 2008 320 CDI and am concerned over the problems you stated. But I'm thinking that if there are only two posts with electrical problems since 2008, can it be a widespread problem? Also, if you were having problems in the "first week owned", why wouldn't the warranty handle these issues?
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    i own a 2009 320 that i purchased as a demo in 2010. so far, the only problem i've had is having to replace the very expensive run flat tires. otherwise it has been problem free.

    after reading the problems with the 2008, i wouldn't take a 2008 if someone gave it to me for free.
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    HAD SAME problems on my GL 320 2008. the latch wouldn't latch. Battery had to be replaced 4 times and now the SRS light will not go off. it is at dealership BRUMOS for the 18th time and has already had a new transmission, new glow plugs, NEW NEW NEW....... also have driven mercedes benz since 70's. need a class action on this one!
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    I do not understand.. I have 8 Mercedes at this time, 4 diesels all with the same engine as my GL320 2008 now with 108K miles, sprinter 2008 487K miles, 2010 Sprinter 22K miles, 2011 Sprinter 23K miles, we do all our service, on all of them: On GL320 all the repairs got done before 50K miles: steering, air bags, oil cooler leak, back hatch, now with 108K miles is doing just fine, 24 MPG love this car.
    I also have a 2011 GLK 350 30K miles AMG only problem back door latch.
    The SL500 2003 now 55K miles cost us no more than $2000 in service and repairs over 10 years, car still like new.
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