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Isuzu Modifications/Aftermarket/Accessories

1tone1tone Posts: 1
edited May 2014 in Isuzu
WILL BE AVAILABLE 1/15/01! The unit simply plugs incline with the stock wiring harness going to the transmission and has adjustments for line pressure and delay of torque converter lockup. I have been testing a unit for the past 6 months that only adjusted line pressure and it has been great on the street and on the track. Quicken shifts actually allow a transmission to last longer as the slipping that occurs in a long, smooth shifts is really slip page which wears out the clutches and bands inside.

MSRP should be less than $200 and no disassemble of the transmission required. Can be removed easily if necessary. For more info, their site is:

Please mail me if you are interested in this product.


  • deimosdeimos Posts: 57
    Can you reccomend a SWAYBAR for an Isuzu Rodeo '99 4WD V6?

    To improve flat cornering on-road? No major deterioration to the ride(e.g. side tossing)?

    We don't do much off-roading :)

    I'm also buying aftermarket shocks again to improve handling and control at highwya speeds...Are Monroe Sensatrac good in that area?
    Would they make my ride much harsher?
    Would Bilsteins be better?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I'm going to do the following on my trooper:

    OME Springs in the Rear
    Rancho 9000 adjustable shocks all around
    Calmini f/r sway bars.

    THere are links to Calmini on my page below:

  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I have ordered an ARB Bumper for my 1999 Trooper. I got it from for $595 and about $130 shipping. It should be in by the end of the year. I did a lot of research, not only talking to a lot of vendors, but calling the ARB US HQ who were very helpful. They even faxed me a letter about airbag compatibility. The letter was vague, it didn't specifically say the Trooper, but said that all bumpers comply with current airbag standards. It was enough re-assurance after all of the other information I have gathered.

    I plan on adding a winch next year, $800 a year is all I can handle. The ARB guys don't think I will need to adjust or upgrade the suspension unless I add a winch (current bumper 20 lbs. and ARB 100 lbs.), so I may add OME shocks down the road, but don't think I need to for the initial install. I may need to have the ride height adjusted, I will see.

    BTW, the new spellchecker is difficult to use, I really liked the old format, so if I mispell, too bad until they improve the new "improved" version.

    Three is the magic number, took me three times to post this message too...
  • Paisan--any word from your New Zealand connection? Not to rush you, but I was considering calling an Aussie dealer's parts department, since they at least speak Anglais. NO FEAR! Email me at when ya hear anything.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    You can try e-mailing They seem to be a pretty big Holden dealer out there. Make sure to include your VIN # cause that is what they asked me when I e-mailed them.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181

    Check out the above link for information on new Calmini winch bumpers. These are totally cool and expected to be in the 600 dollar price range.

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  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Well I just ordered the Hella 4000 Eurobeam lights for on my Nudge Bar w/city lights. Also upgraded to the 130watt bulbs for it. They should be sweet for the mountains. Ordered from susquehana motorsports, great guy over there who I always deal with. I'm planning on wiring the 5w city lights into my parking lights (at least the relay trigger for them) and the relay for the 130w main beam will get wiring into the highbeams. I figure that if I do that I won't have to mess with wiring in any switches through the firewall, etc. etc. Also the only time I'd use the 4000s would be when I have my high beams on already so that seemed good. Side benefit is that my flash to pass will be 100w high beams, 80w low beams, and 130w Hella 4000s :) Links to susquehana are on my home page. I also ordered a K&N air filter from prefromance parts so we'll see if it boosts performance at all.

  • Mike, Scofield looks like just an Isuzu Commerical dealer, so I nav'd to Gerald Slaven's Holden website and posted a message to their parts guy. Hopefully he'll respond by Friday. I also need to pull up the cargo area carpet, as I'm fairly sure the center mounts for the seats are not there. This may be more hassle than I thought, cause the gas tank is right below there, and I sure ain't welding/cutting anything...
  • Check out this link for Japan-market Isuzu Bighorn accessories:

    No idea how to buy, prices must be in yen, and I didn't download the Japanese text support, but still saw all the pics just fine...
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Schofields sells the Holden Jackaroo. I submitted an inquiry to thier parts department and we'll see what we can come up with. I've been told that the floor under the carpet has a perforated section where the lockdown unit goes for the seats. I can neither confirm nor deny it, so once you rip up the carpet let us know. I did get a repsonse from St Charles Isuzu here in the states. They said they can't sell the seats because of liability problems and directed me to third parties for seats. Here is one place I know has trooper seats...

  • Well, I did revisit Schofield's after reading your post, and must have missed it, duh. Anyway, bad news is there are not cutouts for the anchors under the carpet, at least not on my '99 S, and the guy from Gerald Slaven (Canberra) Holden-Isuzu says you cannot purchase that critical part, but the rest is available for around 1800 AUSTRALIAN dollars, sounds real cost-prohibitive. Bummer. I did find Cerullo Seats on the web, but look VERY WalMart to me, so no dice. The real bad news is Eileen just saw the new Sequoia yesterday, and she thinks she likes it better than our Trooper. Looks like I'll be taking that second job. :(

    Bobby Sterling
  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    isn't as bad as you think, the exchange rate is very favorable, probably less than $1,400 American. There are websites that can tell you the exact conversion.
  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    Hey, I'm sure the Sequoia is a nice vehicle, but I just saw a 2000 Trooper LS advertized for $23,999! A Sequoia will cost you half again as much...that better be a good second job!
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    The Littletonesseats or something has some really nice 3rd row seats for the trooper and only about $800 for the most expensive ones (head rests and 3 point seat belts w/factory fabric) are pretty reasonable. If I was gonna get 3rd row seating, since the Isuzu one isn't a viable option, I'd definitely go with these.

  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    I've heard several good things, and no bad ones, about their products. I don't need a 3rd row seat yet, but if/when I do this is the option I plan to investigate.
  • These tires are great! They look good, they handle very well on road (in wet or dry conditions - no hydroplaning), they're quiet, and yet they still hook up off road and in the snow.

    I don't see any reason to get a highway tire for a truck or SUV. You can get the Pirellis and have tire that is great on pavement/highway, and will keep you out of trouble if you do venture off the beaten path.

    I bought a set of LT265/75/16s for $96ea on sale at Sears. The BFG AT KO's in the same size are $144 ea (they now have a fixed price so there are no discounts)!!! That is a savings of nearly $200 for 4 tires - that'll buy a new set of adjustable Rancho 9000s, or whatever else you need! To top it off - most AT tires don't even come with a milage warranty!

    Check out this link from a recent magazine article where the Scorpion AT's out performed all competition including tires cost 50% more!
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Holy Honking Lights!

    I haven't hooked up these lights yet, but they are friggin HUGE!

    More to come gotta go install them!

  • My 2000 Trooper S came with -

    6-disc CD changer
    bug deflector
    cargo mat
    black tube side steps

    As soon as I took delivery I added -

    WeatherTech front and rear floor mats
    Front and rear Cordura slip-on seat covers
    Black anodized license plate frame
    DesignTech 55w halogen back-up bulbs
    Hella Optilux hi/lo headlight bulbs
    K&N air filter

    I just ordered for Xmas -

    Hella 500 driving lights
    WAAG center guard

    I got the lights but am waiting on the WAAG guard to arrive to install them both. I'm looking forward to the additional front end protection as well as better lighting and enhanced appearance!

    I plan on adding next -

    Wheelskins steering wheel cover
    Rosewood interior trim kit
    Hidden Hitch
    MasterBuilt Hitch Haul carrier

    One of the many great things about a Trooper is that since they're so inexpensive for what you get, there's money left over to add stuff like this.

    I'm still trying to decide on whether to upgrade the shocks, sway bars, springs, bushings (any or all of these).

    I am pretty satisfied with things as they are but wonder what improvements these additions might make.

    I guess I will drive the truck for awhile, do some light off-roading and then decide.

    Sure wish I could drive one with the some of the suspension mods already done but that's not possible.

    Happy Trooping!

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I'm in the process of organizing a group buy on the ECB nudge bars. So far the pricing is looking like about $290 for the chrome bar and $275 for the Black one. Which includes shipping direct from ECB to you. The more we buy the lower the price will be. I'm also trying to sell my black bar if anyone is interested for $240 cause I want to get the chromed one.

    Here are some relative links: (ECB's Holden Jackaroo page) (Different finishes available) (my page with pics of the black one on my trooper)

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    Edmunds Isuzu Forum
    IA Trooper Homepage
  • Mike,

    I was looking to get more info from you on the nudge bar. Tried to e-mail you but not sure if it went through. Please e-mail me at when possible.

  • Well, I'm thinking that's gonna be the way we'll go. You're right about the price, it'll be around $36,000 for one with 4WD, side airbags, captain's chairs, and roof. That's a full 13 grand more than our '99 S, but the seats are our big motivation. More room, comparable mileage, etc., and I just sold my 'Runner last week, so one cheap car and one expensive SUV is better than two semi-expensive SUV's. For Sale signs go in the window tomorrow, and then wait until we sell her before anything else proceeds. Could be a month, could be three, who knows? Not everybody would do what we're doing in this situation, but we're pretty happy with the route we've chosen.

    So, I guess this is farewell, guys! Thanks for all your help and info. Good luck with the club, there are great people in here whose hearts are in the right place. Ciao!
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    and, if at all possible, try to find a buyer for your Trooper who really appreciates what the vehicle is all about. You might try posting a free ad on It's frequented by Trooper lovers. The only downside is that your ad may not show up on the site for a couple weeks after you send in the info.

    I'm curious to know where you're located, the details on your truck (mileage, any options, etc.), and what you plan to ask for it. My 98 is an S with Performance Package (similar to the current LS), which means it has TOD, in-dash CD changer, the 'extra' manual driver seat adjustments, other small junk, but no fog lamps. I've added the black Isuzu side steps which is the only mod to the vehicle. It has 39,000 miles and I figure it's worth 17.5-18k if I were to sell it myself.
  • cwmosercwmoser Posts: 227
    ... engine oil in my Trooper and change the oil
    at approximately 4000-4500 miles. There is no
    noticeable oil level drop at these change intervals. I know how fustrating it is to have
    a vehicle that does use a quart every 3000 miles
    or so -- my previous 1989 Trooper was that way.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Yeah post up the stats maybe in the dealer section, some prospective buyer may be interested in it.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    So far we are up to about 4 semi-confirmed people ordering, the ECB Nudge Bar. I'm going to place the order sometime after Jan 31 (soon after, like Feb 1) so anyone else interested just drop me a line.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Well I finally straightened out my problems with wiring, which were totally un-related to the lights.

    In a word the Hella 4000s w/ Eurobeam and city lights are awsome. I have them wired into my high beams (the trigger 12v+ is wired to the High beams, not the actual current for them) and they basically make the high beams look like they are barely on. The Euro Beam pattern coupled with the multi-reflector are great. I am also happy to report that they don't have any significant drain on the power available to the car (at least as far as I can tell w/o a voltmeter are you listening Isuzu!) On saturday, I had the full compliment of power items running, 2 130w H1 bulbs in the Hella 4000s, 2 heated seats, 2 heated mirrors, Rear defroster, Stereo/CD, Cell phone charger, Fan Blower on High, High beams. No ill effects.

    The City lights are a nice touch, they are a 5 w H3 bulb that I have wired into the parking lights, this allows the globes of the Hella 4000s to be slightly illuminated whenever you have your parking lights on, but are by no means providing much light for driving or anything. With the City lights on you can leave the Hella plastic covers which are ventilated and semi-translucent, on and they glow with the Hella Logo illuminated.

    The other nifty feature of the lights is that they have manual adjustment knobs on them to aim them, so that you don't have to get out with a socket and shims to adjust them. Basically you loosen 2 screws a little and can slide the whole light around to adjust it. Very helpful. The Hella wiring harness was well built and easy to follow. Quality stuff all around.

    Hopefully I'll have pics up soon so you can see for yourself how they look!

  • Looking to purchase roof racks for my new 2000 Trooper. Need them to haul my boys surfboards to and from the beach. Any idea where I can purchase them?
  • gpm5gpm5 Posts: 785
    I've been toying with the idea of replacing my AM/FM cassette unit (I really don't use cassettes much) with a AM/FM CD unit. This is a lot cheaper (and probably better) than buying an Isuzu CD unit. While on my travels over the holidays, I saw a Pioneer that was installed for the stock AM/FM cassette into a Chevy ext cab 3/4 ton 4x4 pickup. It looked and sounded great and plugged straight into the stock 4 speaker system. Anybody have any experience with this in the trooper. I have a '99 trooper S.
  • pogofxpogofx Posts: 6
    I too am desperately looking for a permanent roof rack that works with the Trooper. I have a '99 with moon roof and have been told by more than one shop that they can't find one that will work with the sunroof. I find it hard to believe that you can't put a rack on an SUV. I am sure I've seen some on the road that have both a moon roof and roof rack, just haven't been able to catch the brand.

    Otherwise, I can't find one bad thing to say about the Trooper. I was completely anti-SUV before I took a drive in the Trooper. When my dad drove mine, he went out and bought one for himself - still trying to unload his Blazer :( Can't understand why not many people have discovered it. That's fine with me! Wouldn't want it to turn into Soccer Mom mobile like the Explorer.
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