To buy a 2010 or not?

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I'm currently the happy owner of a 2009 outback Special Edition Auto. I love the car, but this past week received a flyer from my dealer, due to model year end, and a special trade allowance they have, I can do really well getting into a 2010. I'm loosing 2k in depreciation for a 2 year old car, but I will need to pay the upcharge for the new model, and a few added accessories(sunroof yeah!) They offered the 2010 at $100 under invoice too!

I have a few reservations.... mostly tied to the CVT. I tow a snowmobile and ATV short distances, and have concerns on the CVT itself, not to mention the added concerns of towing on a unproven transmission.

Looking for insight from others.... Oh, and I'm not interested in buying a manual trans. Thanks in advance.


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    I think you'll be okay. Subaru did just announce a recall on CVT-equipped models, however. Apparently there was a problem with the CVT cooling hose cracking on some models. See link: -models-over-cvt-c/

    The tow rating matches previous Outbacks.

    The only thing I don't like is the non-folding outside mirrors. Apparently enough people complained because the soon-to-be-released 2011 models will have folding mirrors once again.

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    The big question is, do you need the extra space that the 2010 models offer?

    If so, it could be a worthwhile upgrade.

    The CVT is very fuel efficient, so that will actually help offset part of the cost of the upgrade. 29mpg highway.
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