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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • After e-mailing 6-7 dealers for quotes (all within 2 hours of my house), I ended up purchasing from Sam Swope Honda in Louisville on 1/2/07. We paid $31,500 (including their $399 doc fees). The full sticker with Add ons was $36,900. Add ons included all season mats, cargo mat tray, splash guards and several misc. options (weather proofing, fabric protection, pin stripping, etc.).

    We took the 3.9% Leasing special, 15,000 miles per year, and a residual of approx. $18,800.

    Dealers in the Indianapolis area were $6-700 higher, without some of the extra Add-ons. One of the dealers did mention that there was a $500 Honda incentive at the time. Also, dealers were wrapping up the calendar year end and seemed to be very aggressive the last day.
  • al30al30 Posts: 6
    We added the cargo tray,the allseason mats (3 rows), and the mud guards. Those were $400 more than the price I listed. Our payment is $675/month for 36 months w/ $8,000 down.
  • al30al30 Posts: 6
    I'd say if you can get it for $29,300 (including freight which is about $500) then it is a decent price.
  • mfast1mfast1 Posts: 9
    I just purchased a 07 EX-L in Portland, OR for $27,947 including Splash guards and cross bars. This seems to be a pretty decent price for the area. Also I would highly recommend the internet and email approach. Send out requests for price quotes to all area dealers. The serious ones will be fighting for your business. All the other non-serious players will drop out one by one. This has been the easiest least stress transaction I have ever done.

    Email and internet work wonderfully.
  • tnqgzstnqgzs Posts: 7
    I picked up my Numbus Gray EXL-RES from Roper Honda in Joplin this morning at a price that is a few hundred dollars over recent postings. I also received a bid from Reagan Honda in Jefferson City that was $100 less, but I had two Nimbus Gray EX-Ls sold out from under me within a few hours of the 0.9% promotion, and didn't want to take a chance of losing a bird in the hand. I had six bids from dealers within a 3-hour drive, and two serious contenders in the end. I highly recommend Roper - businesslike but laid back, no drama, no games, very courteous, very well prepared. The rep from Reagan Honda had a similar attitude. Very refreshing in a low-volume region.
  • I'm in the Springfield area and was wondering if you shopped Don Wessel and if so, what was your experience there? Which dealerships in Missouri, NE Oklahoma, NW Arkansas did you shop and which would you avoid? I'm looking for an Odyssey Touring or EXL. Also, would you recommend your salesman at Roper Honda in Joplin? Thanks!
  • nwflanwfla Posts: 2
    I was curious about a recent price I received on a Touring Honda with Satellite-Linked Navigation and DVD Rear Entertainment Systems. The sticker's MSRP was $39,095 and I was quoted $37,501 Total. Includes .9% financing for 36 months. Comments?????
  • mfast1mfast1 Posts: 9
    IMHO if you paid $37,501 the only person that would get a good deal would be the dealer. Consumer reports lists invoice at $35,787 and "bottom line price" at $34,614. I would hunt around and use the internet/email approach to get the price close to $34,614. It may take some work but someone will sell at or close to this price. I paid approx $150 over bottom line price for my EX-L including splash guards and crossbars (these extras would probably retail for $500+. It only took 6 days of emailing back and forth to different area dealers to get this price.
  • This seems like a good deal. Does the price include Destination. Other than state tax if there was any other cost not included in the price of $27,947. Could you share dealer's name? I am also interested to purchase for the same vehicle.
  • bcvc71_libcvc71_li NYPosts: 36
    Can anyone report their experience whether the special financing program is resulting in dealers refusing to sell Odyssey's at or below invoice? I'm on Long Island and a dealer's internet manager, who I spoke to in person, said that with the special financing, the dealer would not sell an EX-L for less than $29,400, which is approximately $1400 over invoice. That sounds wrong to me. Any input would be appreciated.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    It wouldn't be surprising if it does happen. Don't see how it's "wrong" - it's simply a function of supply and demand.

    I ran into the same thing last summer when shopping for a Mustang GT with a manual transmission. As soon as Ford announced their 0%/72 month financing, prices went straight up and many folks paid MSRP on cars that had sold for a significant discount previously. Worse still, at least for me, my dealer (who had no sticks) couldn't trade for one because the stores that had them knew they would go for a higher price. As a result, I ended up with an automatic.

    Now, granted the Ford financing was an extraordinary event, but the principle is the same.

    You might try expanding your search geographically.
  • tnqgzstnqgzs Posts: 7
    Per the rules of this board, I cannot post the name of the sales rep. However, you are welcome to click on the "email" link next to this post and we can discuss offline. I have the greatest respect for Mr. Wessel. My sales rep would not have lost the business had he understood the rules of the internet game, and been empowered to set his price accordingly. Roper did not differentiate; my phone quote was the same as an internet quote. Consequently, they sold a whole row of Odysseys within the week that I was negotiating.
  • tnqgzstnqgzs Posts: 7
    I agree with CCCompton. The 0.9% is a huge drawing card for any Honda product. It makes no sense to sell out your stock at $28k when you will very likely sell 80% of your stock at $29,400. If you use the Honda web site to request internet quotes from 10 local dealers, you will likely have at least two who will fight for your business and give you a decent price.
  • Anyone have any good deal on this product in Orange county, California??? I am definitely looking for one and I don't know what is the good price. Please let me know if you know any dealer/person that can offer a good deal. :confuse: Please help.
  • Nice deal, I wish I had known this ahead of time. I could have used this information for getting a better deal.

    This is what I paid on 6th Jan 2007.

    .9 APR for 36 month loan.

    Slate green/Gray cloth interior
    25242 (Includes destination)
    55 (CA Doc fees)
    1960 (CA Sales Tax)
    235 (CA Registration Fees)
    8 (CA Tire Fees)
    $27500 OTD
  • chirpchirp Posts: 194
    I bought my 2006 Touring with NAV/RES last May for under $34,000(Chicago) which included destination charge but no Tax. $37,501 is a rip for basically the same exact van. I would find someone else to buy your Touring from.
  • Sorry, didn't read the find print about stating names of salesmen. I'd still like to converse with you about Roper Honda in Joplin. I couldn't get the email link to go through here, so feel free to email me at Thanks!
  • I agree, that's definitely not a good price imo, either.
    I just bought one about a month ago for $34,839. That was an '07 Touring w/NAV and DVD. I don't know what side of the country you're on, but I got mine at Riverside Metro Honda in Riverside, CA. My other internet quotes were 35,500, 35,600 and even 35,190. I wouldn't personally pay anthing about invoice which is 35,787 as previously stated.
    Hope that helps and good luck!
  • I bought a EX-L w/RES + NAV on Dec 16th at Norm Reeves Huntington Beach. Got what I believe to be a great deal. Send me an email or private message with how to reach you and I will give you contact names and numbers.

    Conditions may have changed since when I bought, but my deal was about $800 below invoice.
  • What was your OTD price?
  • Was your $34,839 an OTD final price w/ttt?
  • Hi,
    I've never had to negotiate to buy a car...but on this Saturday I'm going to a dealer in Cary, NC to get "numbers" on an 07 EX-L/RES/NAV or Touring w/RES/NAV. My wife does not drive more than 12k/yr and we are debating on leasing vs. financing...any concrete ideas on what we should be paying for either scenario. The salesman said to come in and he'll show me both scenarios with and without money down. Am I correct in thinking that putting money down on a lease is ridiculous? We have a leased 04 XC90 Volvo now that is coming off in April. She will be well under her allotted mileage!! Please help me be a good negotiator! This forum is great but its all over the place!! Thanks in advance if anyone can help.... :confuse:
  • acuratacurat SoCalPosts: 74
    Hi jdubs,

    Just popped in to see what Odys are going for these days and saw your plea for help.

    First thing, Edmunds publishes a great little book called "Strategies for Smart Car Buyers" that taught me a ton. Read it!!

    Second, watch out for leases if you're inexperienced. There are a million ways they can get you.

    Third, if you are planning to buy, please see my post #7207 in the Acura TL Prices Paid forum. You can link to it here: acurat, "Acura TL: Prices Paid & Buying Experience" #7207, 26 Nov 2006 8:57 pm A nice lady from the East Coast saved a ton of money using this method. I used it myself to buy an Acura RL last month many thousands below invoice. There were quite a few helpful posts before and after that one from other members.

    Do your homework. Do NOT just wander into the dealer and let them put you in the box! Search Edmunds or use Consumer Reports to get current pricing info and incentives. Scour these boards. Contact the fleet or internet manager and make an appointment. Test drive the vehicle. Don't buy that day. Make it clear that any price negotiation will be a competitive process with other dealers and will be done by phone (or email if you prefer...not my favorite method).

    Best of luck!! ;)
  • Rather than OTD price, it was agreed upon price + $45 doc fee + $28 electronic DMV filling fee + CA sales tax + licence and registration (paid to DMV) + $8.75 CA tire fee (paid to state).

    Bottom line, no junk fees.

    I negotiated price of Odyssey first, which I was ready to pay and deal with my used car myself. Butthen I had then give my trade in value of my old van, which they offered pretty low price. I said no thanks, as I had a much higher in writing offer to buy my old van from Car Max. They ended up matching Car Max price. I could have sold on my own and got more, but not worth the fix up cost (to get ready to sell), smog fees, insurance while selling, and dealing with hassle and unknowns of selling old van. So since new Honda price was so good (never expected to be below invoice on a 2007 Odyssey), I let the dealer make their money on the used car trade in. Sure they made money, on the sale, but I was happy with the deal, happy with the whole process. The sales person was actually very good, and my wife was shocked it was not a multi hour negotiation session with me walking out and them chasing me. And my wife is absolutely extremely happy with her new van -- her joy in usingthe NAV was worth every penny of this overpriced option (compared to a stand alone non integrated NAV system).

    Any way, if you want to reach me, go over to and search for aafflyer and you can then leave me a private message.
  • You can send me an email at Thanks for your help. Could you please give the OTD price you got also? thanks
  • paripari Posts: 7
    I just bought a EX-L with RES (no nav) for $31800 OTD in the SF Bayarea. I believe this comes to an invoice of $29000. I could also get the 0.9% APR for 36 months. I could have gotten it for less but the color that I wanted (Cherry Pearl) was available at this dealer and my wife did not want me to negotiate more to save a few hundred dollars more and have other dealers actually try to get the car. Anyways this forum helped me a lot and I thought I should share my experience with you all. The good part was that I was out of the dealership in less than 1.5 hours.
    I love the Odyssey. I never thought I would ever drive a minivan but this one is sweet with tons of cool features.
    My 2 year old is having a ball inside it :)
  • Acurat,

    Thanks. I've leased (currently in a Volvo)and may go to that dealer's Honda store to see what they are willing to do. I have met with the salesman that I'm meeting with this weekend in the past. My wife has already test driven and we are 99% sure we know what we want and it's the Odyssey. He knows we are NOT going to drive out this Saturday. So...anyone know if there are some great lease offers in NC on an Odyssey?
  • For simplicity and unless you have all kinds of time, I think the best thing to do is go on and get quotes from the 5 closest dealers but NOT the one you want to buy from. You must get out the door quotes with any options for exactly what you want. If they don't give you that, then email them back until they do. Then call your local dealer and ask for the best (most sales) salesperson and ask him if he will match your Internet quote. He can probably do it and you will be done.
  • The $34,839 price was w/out ttt. The doc fee was $45, license was $73 and then tax was $2,462.00, so my out the door price was 37,421.00. That also included wheel locks and mud flaps/splash guards.
    No money down and no trade in.
  • rdworski1,

    thanks a bunch! that sounds like the easiest way to do it! there happens to be about that many dealers in a 45 mile radius from me on this site. i'll do it! wish me luck!
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