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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lali3lali3 Posts: 16
    Which dealer in Pittsburgh. Does the price inc TTL

  • The special internet price I got was 26701.00 plus 3% tax, 398.00 documentary/adminstrative fee, and 74.00 registration fee. Dest charge seems to be in the $26701 but I don't know about doc/admin fee and why the reg is more expensive.
    I'm hoping $26000 before tax - Would this be doable?

  • For an EX that is a good price from what I have seen (in CLT). I am buying a 08 EX-L this month and from what I can tell I am going to spend at least $27500 before tax, although I am pushing for $27K out the door.
  • anchalanchal Posts: 5
    Hi kimks9608,

    I got following quotes from Autopark Cary for EX-L with RES and NAV.

    Price Tax Doc Reg Total
    32754 982.62 398 74 34208.62

    Did you try to get quotes for EX-L with RES & Nav?

    Your EX quotes looks good. Who is the dealer?

  • anchal - I got it from the AutoPark dealer :)
    When I pressed him with a more competitive quote from another dealer, he gave me $25.7K base price today quoting a special price promotion. I'm wondering whether there is $1000 rebate special going on.
    However. I'm looking forward to 0% financing as last January.

    tbrasse1 - It would be awesome if I can get EXL for $27K ;)
  • $20561, incl. destination
    $22522 OTD
  • I am getting a price quote on 2008 Odyssey EXL-RES for $31,699 plus TT&L in a local dealership in central texas. I have tried multiple dealers local as well as out-of-town and this seems to be the lowest. I am having trouble deciding whether I should just take this or negotiate for a lower price. any advise from other informed posters...? thnx
  • I 'Pulled the Trigger' on 31 Dec for an 08 Touring w/o Pax. The color is the (apparently) hard to find Baltic Blue Pearl, and it went like this:

    Vehicle Price-$37,474.52
    Delivery Fee (standard) $495.00
    Sales Tax (NW Fla)-$2323.48
    Tag,Title & Reg -$202.00

    Grand Total- $40,000.00 Out The Door

    Accessories that came with it- Mudflaps, Wheel Locks (2 sets!?) and Cargo Tray

    Anyone care to know where?
  • I thing there is $1000 discount started yesterday
  • 0% APR? Is there such thing with Honda?
  • chardychardy Posts: 1
    I searched for a 2007 Odyssey EXL with DVD at Honda dealerships in Maryland, Virginia, & North Carolina. I was pleased to find one at Ourisman Honda. They had by far the very best deal - no other dealership could touch it. The interaction I had with the internet sales manager (can't post his name) made the experience tremendously easy. We reached our deal over email with a few calls at the very end. He was very patient with me and very open to negotiation. I was impressed with his honestly. Even after many other honda dealers warned me that I would drive up to Maryland (2 hour drive for me) and the price would be changed or that the vehicle didn't really exist - I decided to have faith and make the trip. I was so pleased to find everything was exactly as we had discussed. The vehicle was perfect and the price was on the money - 28330 OTD.
    I would highly recommend buying via the internet with Ourisman Honda to anyone who is interested in having a great car buying experience.
  • I've been MIA for awhile. To those asking if "your price is good", the only way to know for sure is to get MANY quotes within your market. I believe the best way to do this is WITHOUT setting foot in a dealer.

    Here's the method I suggest. Modifed to NumerounoLatino's suggestion on #12 because it's a good one.

    Follow this and you should get floor in your market.

    1. Go to website and click on "find dealer" (DON'T use the request quote button).
    2. At that point, select "request a quote" next to each dealer after you have list of dealers.
    3. Fill out your info. don't put a phone number down, you call them if you want...they don't call you.
    Ask for the following:
    - Obviously request model your looking for in dropdown.
    - In "comments" section put something to the effect:
    Would like an OTD (out the door) quotation on EXL RES. Please itemize charges: Base Price, destination and document fee; only extras should be tax, title license. I understand that Honda is offering the special APR financing or the $2500 dealer incentive. I would like your best price including the $2500 incentive. Additionally, please include the color selection that you have available. I'm checking with several dealers in the area and will be purchasing shortly, so your promptness and bottom line is appreciated.
    Don't give them your phone number. You call them when you want so that you can think in advance of what your going to say. You don't need anyone calling you.
    - Press Send
    4. Go Back to "find dealer" enter your zip and you'll get the same list. select "request quote" by the next dealer and this same form that you initially entered will be available. just press send.
    5. Repeat to at least 8 dealers in your area. If your in a metro area. I'd send to everyone EVEN the closest.
    5 1/2. Go to your credit union, or whomever your comfortable with and get your own financing. You should have a check in your back pocket when you go to buy the car or their going to bend you over. The big players will overnight you a blank check. If your a costco member, check out costco dot com and get the capital one rate there. You should get 5.9 apr for 60 months, which you will use as your fallback.
    6. Sit're in the drivers seat.
    7. Wait for quotes to come in.
    8. You'll find out who's serious.
    - some will give you HIGH price
    - some won't respond so go to their website and request a quote with same info as above (I found Honda has some deadlinks on their website to dealers) On the day before I was ready to buy, I called the nonresponders and was able to get them in the mix.
    - a few will give you a pretty aggressive price
    - you may end up with a clear cut low ball great price
    9. Forget about the morons that ask you to call them for an appointment (The VIP treatment means getting bent over). On the ones that are really high, if you want reply and tell them they are off by whatever the diff is between them and your lowest price. i.e, "you're off by $2600, if that's your best shot, I'll pass thanks".
    10. Let the few that are low sit a few days and then reply back. Note that you appreciate their offer. That you have a few others that are right there and that you'd like to buy from them. Your making the decision in the next 48-72 hours. (If you can time this for the end of the month, I think that will work in your favor.) Is this your best price? (If you want any accessories, nows the time to ask for them). Alternatively, you can name a price to see if they can get there, personal choice really here. I don't think you have anything to lose by seeing how hard you can push. If they won't hit the lowball price, then ask how low they can go and say you may come back if the lowball dealer doesn't come through. Here's why, my lowball dealer was writing a quote that said on an 08, but only when I called and said I'll be over this afternoon with a check for this amount for an 08 and he affirmed but then called back in 10 minutes to say he meant 07. Make sure again to qualify that Destination should be included and that there should be no dealer extras on the car (ask them to confirm this). Get an itemized out the door price. Base+Desination+Doc, + tax + title + license. Make sure that the documentation/processing fee does not exceed $100. In some states the most they can charge is $59.
    11. Wait for your responses. Hopefully you should have a pretty good price (better than you have from your other guy).
    12. Now that you've got quotes from everyone else and have done some negotiating, request an internet quote from your local dealer. See what they offer. THEN AFTER you get quote from them, if it doesn't beat the best off you've got, email them best offer and ask them if they'll beat it. If they match or beat and have your color choice go buy from them.
    13. If not, go back to the person with best quote and requalify the details? "You have this color in stock and this price includes destination? Only Extra's are Tax, Title License? They reply in writing with a "yes", then call them to once again firm these detials and make an appointment to meet them and drive (and hopefully buy) the car.
    13.5 When you show up prepare for the bait 'n switch or worse but STICK TO YOUR GUNS. HAVE YOUR EMAIL CORRESPONDENCE WITH YOU. I did all of the above plus called on my drive to the dealer and confirmed everything was still true; only to be told that they had only one van and it wasn't the color we had discussed. In addition, it had accessories on it that I did not want. As a result, I threatened to leave (coat on and stood up) and suddenly a van showed up that was what we wanted. Drive the EXACT VAN you are buying. Make sure it's the year you want and check the odometer. Make sure you like it, no rattles, etc. Inspect it for scratches, etc. Should be fine, but make sure. You've come this far, don't overlook final details. (After we had agreed to a deal, I got the "it's the salesman's/manager's fault" from the manager/salesman when the other wasn't around.)
    14. Show up with your own financing as noted previously. When you pull the check from your pocket, their going to ask where/what your rate is. If you have good credit tell them you have 5.5% for 60 months. If they ask to see paperwork details on the check, make sure the ONLY thing you show them is the dealer details DO NOT SHOW THEM THE INTEREST RATE...DONT EVEN bring those details with you. It is NONE of their business. If you have good credit (780+, odds are they'll beat the 5.5% and you'll save even more money. Show up without a blank check and try to get 5.4% or lower and odds are it'll never happen.
    14.5 You have a trade-in? Research your price on kbbdotcom and edmunds dot com. If its and older car with high mileage don't expect to much, sell it on craigslist, someone at work, or expect to take your $1500 at the dealer to be done. If you have a car thats actually worth something, ag
  • murmalmurmal Posts: 25

    I got this deal from a Richmond, VA dealer any thoughts, suggstions.....

    Selling Price: $37,649 + Tax $1129.47 + DMV stuff $110.00 + Processing Fee $299.00 = Out the Door price $39,187.47 which $1703 more than the invoice.


  • nernernerner Posts: 1
    I'm from southern california. I just bought a 2008 Honda Odyssey Touring w/ Pax on 12/29/07 for a great deal of $36,811 including destination charge, of course just add tax and license. I did all my negotiating online, then just went to the dealer with the quote. Go to Rock Honda in Fontana or Penske Honda in Ontario.
  • Hi all, let me second the advice from donkeypunch1. I live in Lubbock, texas, where we have one Honda dealership which is not a very well run dealership...but then they don't have to be since the next nearest dealer is 2 hours away.

    Two years ago I bought a CRV using a technique much like donkeypunch1 describes. I got it for invoice when many dealers said that was not possible. I just happened to find a dealer who needed to move units more than he needed to make a profit on the unit moved. Similarly, last week I bought an 2008 Odyssey EX-L using the same method. I think I got a very reasonable deal at $211 under invoice.

    I started by going to the Honda site to find all the dealers within 400 miles of me. Since my family was going to Austin anyway to visit relatives, any dealerships in the Dallas area, Austin area, San Antonio area or anywhere in between Lubbock (which is in West Texas) and Austin (central Texas) would work.

    I made a list of 23 dealers. I then had to call each one to get an email address of a specific internet manager or salesperson (different dealers work it differently). Unlike 2 years ago, when I could pull that info off the Honda site, I had to call this time. Most dealerships want you to negotiate with them over the internet like you would if you were sitting across from them in a room. That's not the best way to get a deal, IMHO.

    Once I had the email address of 23 different sales reps on December 27th, I sent them an email. In the email I said that I wanted to buy a 2008 Odyssey Ex-L in any color except white, silver or black and with no dealer add ons. I would pay invoice plus dest. I said I would only consider contracts faxed to me with all the numbers showing the OTD price and faxed before 5 pm the next day (the 28th). Most importantly, the contracts had to be signed by either the gsm or someone else with authority to bind the dealership. I would not consider email offers. I would not consider unsigned contracts (which many dealerships call "buyer purchase orders").

    I received seven faxed contracts, one of which came in $200 below invoice, three of which came in at invoice, and three of which came in above invoice. Only one was unsigned and only one did not specify the car being sold. Both corrected when I called them. I also had about 10 emails from other dealers who wanted to come to an agreement via email and then "finalize" in the showroom. One of them had an "internet special" price that was very, very misleading. It quoted the invoice PLUS dest. price for the EX-L and then in big, big numbers quoted a price $300 below that. But then there was an asterix and buried waaaaaaay down later in the email was the disclosure that the big numbers did NOT include various additional charges....including dest. charge! It is for THAT reason that I demanded, and received, a faxed signed contract (buyer purchase order).

    So basically I made 23 dealerships compete with each other directly for my business. When I contacted the dealer with the lowest offer, the salesman said that the car he had put into the contract had been sold off the lot. Well THAT raised my suspicions!! But then he said that he have five other "units" and invited me to pick any one off the internet inventory and he would redo the contract for that vehicle. Once I put a deposit down (on the credit card) he would hold the vehicle for pick up. So that made me feel better. It was not a bait-and-switch deal.

    I put $5k on the credit card (it's a 2% rebate card) and I ended up financing the remainder with the 2.9% three-year incentive financing. I earn 5.12% in my checking account here in Lubbock (we have a VERY competative banking market) and so I just dumped the money that I would have paid the dealer into that account and will end up with a smaller discount.

    So my bottom line was $29,590 for the EX-L, including destination charge. Texas imposes a $1,849.38 sales tax and other charges for TTL came to $241.47. Thus the OTD was $31,580.85.

    Now that may be better or worse than the price you can get. But the test of a good deal is not whether you match the price someone got on this board. There is no abstract "best deal." The test of a good deal is whether you can force dealers to compete for your business. If you do so, you will be confident that you got the best price available at the time and in the place you were seeking to buy.
  • Hello All,

    This is my first post. I'm in the market to buy a new 2008 Honda Odyssey EX-L. This will also be my first New car so don't know how to approach. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm in Atlanta, GA.

    I called a few dealership in and around Atlanta and all of them were around $30,000 + Taxes, Tag and Title + Dealership fees. And that came to around $32,000 but I've seen posts here with far less money. Am I missing something? Are there any dealers here who have lower deals? Also, if I need financing (I can put some money down) do I go with dealer financing or credit union? Thank you all!
  • Does anyone know what the current dealer incentives are on the 08 Odysseys? It appears that Honda did away with the special financing after 1-2. Anybody know when this will be offered again?
  • Another question......

    I'm starting to do research on prices for 08 Odyssey ESL RES. Anyone get a great deal in NC in which they are willing to share the details?

  • murmalmurmal Posts: 25
    Hi Check with Auto Park Cary @ Cary. I got a very nice deal from them on 08 - Touring. I will share the numbers as soon as I finalize my purchase plans. Also Check Vannyorkhonda at Greensboro. I don't know how far you are from these two dealers but they both offer nice prices.

    Hope this is helpful.

  • Thanks Murmal. I'm actually in the Triad area, so the Greensboro dealership is local for me. Did you get bids from various dealerships and use those numbers to help you get a better deal?
  • murmalmurmal Posts: 25
    Yes, I partially used the donkeypunch1's method. He is one of the users of this forum. Check his method in response 17964, in this thread.
    I bought my earlier van in 03 from Vannyork, the gave a nice deal that time but not this time. Try to send a request for a quote from Auto Park Cary, who has quoted me a nice out the door price for 08-Touring without PAX, which is 3K less than the Invoice. I didn't check my email in the monring otherwise I would have finalized it today itself.

    Happy shopping.


  • I'm in Richmond and drove to Rule Honda in Staunton to buy my 08 EX-L Res/Nav this week. I recall them having the 08 Touring non-pax on ebay for $36,500 just after Xmas. And their processing fee is only $69.

    Good luck.
  • murmalmurmal Posts: 25
    Thanks 740driver,

    I just now sent them a quote request for Touring. Will keep my fingers crossed until I hear from them.


  • Is anyone aware of marketing incentives on the 2007? There was $2500 that expired on 1/2/2008 - There is 1000 on the 2008s.
  • My 08 Touring came with TWO, so should yours. Check the in floor storage behind the driver/passenger seats.
  • Thanks for the props donkeypunch. Anything that I can do to help others. I was actually making deals while on the road to the dealer with the lowest price. Its crazy how they all try to beat each other to close a sale. One thing I also recommend to do is to create an email account just to do these dealings only because all the dealers keep emailing and spamming me. How annoying.

    Good luck to everyone. I am enjoying my Touring and with a new kid on the way the space is much needed.
  • Can anyone tell me how many wireless headsets were included in their 2007 Odyssey EX-L w. RES / DVD player?
  • In Automotive News for 08 Odyssey's they mention dealer $2500 cash back and under consumer rebates they are offering 2.9% -4.9% - so you should be able to get both. And when I get a quote off of CarsDirect it seems to suggest that cash back number is valid - but Edmunds does not show that at all. And when I go to the Honda site they only show a lease offer.

    So the source I used is apparently different than some other folks on this forum so different offers. Toyota which is a back up option is going 0% finance option in lieu of cash back - so Honda appears pretty competitive.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Are you sure that wasn't for '07 models?
  • For me it was on 07 model.
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