Honda Accord 2011 vs Toyota Camry

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Hi. I am new to this forum, but I am in a quandry over which car to choose!

I currently own a Honda Accord Special edition 2002. We also have a Honda Civic 2003 so I would say we have been okay with Hondas.

However, we decided to look at both the 2011 Honda Accord and the Camry this weekend. I like the spacious feel of the Camry, and they're giving some pretty nice deals now, but I am S.C.A.R.E.D about the recent problems Toyota was having, and the manner in which they first dealt with said problems.

I would buy the Honda based on loyalty, but find the car seems a little bit smaller.

Salesman for Toyota gave me the usual talk about how much quieter the Camry is because of the extra padding in hood, trunk, and near the wheel areas. They actually had Honda Accord on the lot for people to compare theirs with the competition.

What I did not like about the Camry was the foot hand brake? Anyone have a problem with that?

Anyway, how safe do you think the Camry is in 2010/2011 compared to 2009?

Would anyone here be scared to buy a Toyota, or am I letting too much of the news bother me?

I am frozen, literally about which to buy.


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    Don't worry dude..just toss a coin and buy will all be good.
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    Do you think that Toyota has handled the problems that was a major focus in the news? I am still worried though, but maybe being female I might be a little more prone seeing that I don't know much about cars.
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    Ok sweetheart...inspite of all the negative publicity, Toyota vehicles still retain their resale value and are not available for cheap anywhere and still sell after loggin in 170K miles, which is what I bought recently..and still run smoothly..
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    Buy Camry which has a superior 6 speed AT. Honda AT is suck unless you're buying a manual transmission. The gov't and congress try to make the Toyota problem as big as possible, and at the end it's the driver's error - stepping on gas pedal instead of the brake, or putting layers of carpets until the gas pedal gets stuck.
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    I agree with tomjava that camry have a superior 6speed at.. I prefer v6. very quiet and smooth..
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    Were these people buying mats from elsewhere you think?

    They were telling me yesterday that Toyota can factory attach the mat so it won't move? I saw a sort of hook which you're supposed to use, but they said to get away from having this problem and being responsible, they're not attaching it on, and the only way to remove is to cut whatever they're using, which then makes any problems yours and not theirs.

    I really liked the trunk space on the Camry vs the Honda Accord. We are thinking of renting a Camry to go out of town and this might give me an idea if I like the feel of the car. We're going anyway, and don't want to run up mileage on my 2002 Accord.
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    I have drive each vehicle and the Camry is definitely your choice if you want an ultra smooth ride quality, very quiet road/wind noise, and the more comfortable seats, but the handling sucks!

    The Accord is better for a overall balance between a firm/soft ride, slightly better handling, and more interior room but it has much more road and wind noise make its way into the cabin ! But, be warned, the 2008-2011 Accords are having major brake/rotor troubles still that many many people on here and other sites are having troubles with Honda paying for replacements at 10-15k miles only!

    It really depends on what your looking for in a mid-size sedan. Personally, between the two, I would choose the Camry, but I personally like the Altima better. It has sportier styling/looks then both the Accord/Camry. Probably ties the Camry for best mpg, has much more responsive/more crisp handling then both the Camry and Accord, and has the largest trunk volume. Also, the Altima is between the Accord and Camry for road/wind noise, not as loud as the Accord but not as quiet as the Camry!
  • kingfans1kingfans1 Member Posts: 137
    Hi. I recommend toyota camry too.

    I have 2006 toyota camry le v6. I bought brand new in 2006. It is now 180,000 miles. I mostly drive on highway. It is the best investment I ever made on my first brand new car. The camry never broke down on me. I still use it today for work, because I get excellent gas mileage.. Winter/ snow season, I use my honda pilot 4wd.

    I just do normal oil change, brake pad ( changed one time ), timing belt, transimison, and other minor stuff.. and the camry didn't consume alot of engine oil. like honda engine.

    city/highway driving. I get about 28 mpg. using shell or chevron octane 87

    mostly highway driving with using cruise control. 32.5 mpg. shell or chevron octane 87.. I drive 65 mph.

    so honey, it is your choice to pick either camry or honda. Please feel to ask anything about honda/toyota.
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    I owned 2009 Honda accord exl and had2011 campy le rental for a week and drove 700 miles. I agree with what smarty 666 that camry is very quiet and smooth. I am amazed how quiet the car is even with 4cyl. The suspension is also pretty soft making the ride quite plush. The steering however doesn't give much feedback. But for practical purpose it's a more comfortable car for long distance traveling. Accord seat has more lateral support but the bottom cushion is a bit hard which maybe uncomfortable after 3+hour.
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    We ended up buying the 2011 Camry. I hope it performs well over time. I do miss my Accord, but then again, I get attached to cars!
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    I just made the decision and so far (500 miles) I am very happy with it. Drove 2011 Accord, Altima and Camry. I liked the long sloping hood of the Honda but couldn't take the dashboard clutter. The Altima engine seemed to strain during acceleration. The real clincher was when a friend who manages a Hertz dealership advised me that the Camry is the best car in it's class. He drives / processes hundreds of cars each year and I relied upon his expertise. This particular Hertz location also has an 'open to the public' car maintenance facility so they are privy to every conceivable car quirk. The other neat thing about the 4cy engine is that it comes with 0-W20 full synthetic oil and the change interval is 10,000 miles. In closing I say that the XLE is the finest car I have owned. My opinions.
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