1999 Chryslter Town & Country Rear Heat Coolant Line Leak

browns199browns199 Member Posts: 1
Both of the coolant lines on my 99 Town & Country that come down from the passenger side of the engine, under the passenger seat, are rusted and leaking.

I cannot find where these lines go in the engine compartment. I can see them from under the van and cannot follow where they go from in the engine compartment.

What do these lines connect too and what is the average cost to have them replaced? I haven't had any luck finding these lines available from any auto part retailers.


  • mstrplnmstrpln Member Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. Just curious how much it was for the repair?
  • kope49kope49 Member Posts: 15
    I had a 96 with the same problem at 111K. I don't remember the repair quote from the dealer but it was sufficiently high I disconnected the lines and that was the end of my rear a/c. : :(
  • info7info7 Member Posts: 1
    The lines are about 130 dollars at Auto Zone. About 105 at OReillys. I replaced them myself. The lines come with the hoses at the engine side. It was not easy getting them out. I cut them out with a dremel tool. Somehow managed to get them back in with help from someone under the car at the same time. Good Luck.
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