07 Tahoe LTZ dropped 2 - 3

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Dropped my 07 Tahoe LTZ, 2 - 3, with spindles and springs. When stopping on a downhill slow turn, the stabletrack goes off and the brakes pulsate. Any info on fixing this?


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    What all did you do to the braking system, while you were making those other changes?
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    Thanks for your reply. There was nothing else done. Just the suspension.
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    Did you take the calipers off? Did you unplug the speed sensors on the wheels?; Hard to imagine you made those suspension changes without touching any of the brake system parts.
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    The front suspension was changed to drop spindles and I believe my mechanic had to take off the calipers. Not sure about the speed sensors. I'll have to have him check. If he took off the speed sensors, is there a recalibration he has to do?
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    If the sensors are improperly connected, he needs to fix them. If he damaged a sensor, it needs replaced. If he took the caliper off, and in somehow doing so crimped a brake line, it needs repaired. If the caliper bore is bound/frozen, the caliper needs replaced.
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    Thanks for your help. I will have him check those things out.
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