So you want to buy a Tundra

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I have been the proud owner of 4 Toyotas prior to purchasing my 2007 Tundra Crew Max in August of 2007. This is my last Toyota. Quality is just not there anymore, nor are there any honest dealers to repair them. Here is my list of issues.
--truck runs like crap after recall to adjust computer . Dealer says "Normal"
--Gutless towing my 2700 pound Tent Trailer. Advertised to tow 10,000 with ease (my Tacoma does a better job)
--Poor paint quality. Paint comes off truck with every little bump. Nothing you can rub out or touch up. Repaint the truck or live with the white undercoating showing through
--Radio volume does not work and stations drift off of where set
--Dash vents will not stay in adjusted position, you have a choice of full up or full down. Dealer reluctant to fix due to need to pull the dash. Says Dash will start to rattle when they fix it. Dash already rattles. So Add;
--Excessive dash rattle
--Loud engine noise similar to valve tapping. Dealer Says "normal" even though I have never heard it before, sounds like a diesel from inside the cab
--Tranny shifts hard when cold, You guessed it, the dealer says "normal" Did not happen in the first year of driving the truck
One more thing I should mention, the truck has a whopping 17,000 miles on it. Oh joy, I wonder hat happens when I reach 20,000.


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    I was the proud owner of a 2012 Toyota Tundra Crewmax cab.there is a problem with the flex fuel vehicles that Toyota knows about that has not made it public. They continue to sell these cars without a fixed. The cars fail to start in temperatures under 50 degrees. You should not drive the car less than 5 minutes at a time, do not run less than a quarter tank of gas. every 7 or 8 Philips this problem may occur. However Toyota indicates that you can bring it back for service anytime or they will come out to your house. They may offer to pay a month for you or they may offer to extend your warranty. This does not fix the problem. Be careful because the vehicle hesitates. If you are looking for passing gear you better have a lot of time because it will has a date for a couple seconds first. The vehicle will run rough because it runs extra rich during this problem. Feels like a choke is stuck on or something. Toyota apparently does not care too much about the customers because they continue to sell the problem without telling anyone.
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