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seat question - Need some help

ng99ng99 Member Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in Toyota
I have a 1995 Camry (LE) and the seats are worn out in this otherwise great car. I'd like to put more modern and more comfortable seats (front and rear) in the car. Does anyone know what I can easily fit in the vehicle? If modification is needed, do you know about what is needed and what problems to look for? Thanks in advance for your help.


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    kiawahkiawah Member Posts: 3,666
    I've never done this, but a couple times thought about what it might take to do something like that. First, let me summarize by saying that I think it would be more economically feasible to take the seats somewhere, and have them refurbished/enhanced.

    Some problems I would anticipate by replacing:
    - I would doubt that there is some standard 'bolt hole spacing' across manufacturers. I also believe that right at the bolt hole it is reinforced, so you don't want to go drilling holes randomly anywhere.
    - If the holes don't line up, then I'd build a small frame that mounted to the existing bolt holes, welded to a small frame that fit the new seat mounting brackets. It would have to be thin as to not add too much height (decreasing headroom), and strong enough to withstand a high speed impact without tearing loose. Finding a welder might be difficult, due to liability issues.
    - You'd need to be careful that the width of the seat, fit in the space allowed. Most seat areas don't have a lot of spare width.
    - You'd need to be careful, that the overall height of the seat wasn't too different than the existing, else loss of headroom....or uncomfortable thigh support.
    - Any electrical connections would need to be respliced (power seats, weight sensors if airbags involved). Liability issue potential if airbags deploy when they shouldn't, or they don't when they should.

    I'm sure people are actually able to work thru these issues, I'd just make sure you do a lot of research investigating these (and other) potential problems....before taking the plunge. To me, the easy no brainer is to just have the original seats re-done.
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    ng99ng99 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the insight and taking the time to thoroughly respond. I was/am hoping someone might know of a seat that would just exactly replace the ones I have. Probably too much to hope for though. Thanks for responding.
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    kevinc5kevinc5 Member Posts: 204
    Check with a Toyota parts guy. Let him know what you're trying to do and he might be able to tell you if any more recent Camrys use the same seats or seat frames.
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