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Hyundai Santa Fe Intense Noise and Pressure with Rear Windows Down

hyundaihellhyundaihell Posts: 3
edited September 2014 in Hyundai
I am looking for other people who have had issue with there Santa Fe where you have the front windows up and the rear down and the whole car shakes and the noise it produces is ear damaging, Not kidding at that.. With my rear windows down my car shakes and the pressure and noise is unbearable. I was told it was a design flaw and not to roll down the rear windows. { Then why put windows in the back you can not use?.} The dealer is not very helpful in fact when I called about the issue no one know a thing. I take it in and I'm told to design a deflector and I would be rich. and there is nothing they can do. Why would you build a car and produce it if there is a serious flaw. I payed for a car that I can use all the features not just have them for show. I employ all owners that have the same issue to file complaints with the company and hold them accountable for the products they sell.
Next time you think of it roll down the back windows and roll up the front and see for your self. It starts about 30 mph and at freeway speeds its so loud that your ears will hurt and to long you will get hearing loss. The first time I encountered it I almost wreaked because it was just so loud and the front doors were shaking that you thought they would come right off.


  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Don't recall other Santa Fe complaints, but it's a common problem with lots of newer cars.

    tidester, "Volvo XC90 SUV" #930, 3 Jan 2003 10:19 pm
  • Yes ! It's not my back windows though, it's my sunroof . I had the dealer install a sunroof on my 2010 Sante Fe SE that I've only had since yesterday. Today I decided to open the sunroof all the way for the first time while i was driving at around 30mph. Suddenly the entire vehicle started to vibrate and shake along with the previously described painful vibration sound. At first I thought it was a newly paved road I happened to be traveling on, but when repeated on a normal road with the sun roof open, the same thing happened. I was unable to do anything with the dealership due to the holiday and the hour of the day. Be assured they are getting a call first thing Tuesday morning and i'm not opening the sunroof all the way again.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    You may get some relief with a sunroof deflector and by cracking the rear window(s).

    Was the sunroof that the dealer installed an aftermarket one? It so, it would be good to test drive a model with a factory sunroof and see if it makes the same racket.
  • It was an aftermarket one and installed at the aftermarket shop then returned to the dealership. They indicated that this shop installs all of their sunroofs and trailer hitches etc. It has a guarantee for life and I specifically asked the sales person if the installation of this sunroof would have any effect on the warranty and they indicated that it would not.I'll find out tomorrow.... Thanks for you help :)
  • billfryebillfrye Posts: 5
    It is not a Hyundai problem. It's a problem with loads of vehicles. I always lower the front window about 1-2 inches and the problem is mostly resolved. The ideal fix would be for Hyundai to make the 3rd row rear side windows operational.
  • fnamowiczfnamowicz Posts: 194
    This is a common problem on a lot of cars, I get this noise on my Honda CRV.
  • Then the tech at Hyundai, must of lied to me because he told me that he call the engneiers in Calf. He said before he could finish his sentance, they cut him off and said that it is a known design flaw, there is nothing that they could do to resolve it. Tough Luck :lemon:
    I must say this is the first new car I have ever bought, and from the time I took it off the lot, I have had nothing but problems with it. Right off the lot driving home on the freeway it pulled to the left hard. You could be in the next lane in less then 8 sec's if you let go of the wheel. took it back the next day, I explained what it was doing and he said Oh that's a safety feature to keep you from coming into on coming traffic, Wow, I must got a car from the UK. After waiting all day they returned the car and said it was fixed. It seemed fine till about 5 miles from the dealer, when I was getting on the freeway it started to pull to the right just as hard as it did to the left. Needless to say had to hear him tell me that it was the crowning of the road that made it pull to the right. I finally told him that I was certified in alignment. Then in the same breath I said lets go for a drive. He refused as I know he would. The third time they just cross rotated the tires and now it shakes in the back. Also during that time they were to clean the carpets and scotch guard the floor and seats. So mind you this was the third day back at the shop from just buying it. So after I got home I removed the plastic they lay over the mats, the driver side mat came up and there was a greenish-blue stain under the floor mat. The guy claimed it wasn't there yesterday when he prepped the car. Need less to say he cleaned the spot so well that he wore a hole in carpet. I told them this unacceptable and I wanted return the car. I guess they thought I was just joking around. But the dealers motto was No Regrets Guarantee , That was a straight out lie.. They ordered the carpet kit and when it came in I took my car in before 6 am and dropped it off, about 1 pm I get a call telling me that carpet kit was the wrong color and they would have to reorder again. Well in the mean time two days later I get the ESC light on the dashboard comes on. I call and they said they would be able to do it that day. That was good with me. They replaced it and the carpet came in and they kept the car overnight so they could get a early start on it. Well after install they broke a plug that covers the screw head. Then twice in 2 months I had to go and have the brake switch replaced and a the next month the same thing. Since all that I have a cig lighter that keeps blowing fuses and been replaced. To top it all off I'll be listening to the xm radio and out of the blue the I pod starts to play with out any help. They told me that I must be hitting the mode button on the steering wheel and turning it on ! That's funny because I hold the wheel at the top no where near the buttons, It happened again today as I was driving straight down the freeway. It going back in on Monday because it still blows fuses. Anyone with a good idea !!! Like I told the dealer Its a new car I should not have to spend my days off getting my car repaired. I wonder what will be next transmission? Engine? your guess is good as mine.
  • rowdy4rowdy4 Posts: 4
    My 08 SF Limited has the same noise problems at speeds over 50 mph, but if you open the sun roof an inch or so the noise stops.
  • ergsumergsum Posts: 146
    Rear Window Buffeting or Wind Throb is a common occurrence in modern vehicles. A web search under either of the terms will produce a variety of manufacturers and models. It is a very low-frequency (10 to 20 Hz) beating noise occurring when either a rear window or the sunroof are partially open. This is due to the Helmholtz resonance of the vehicle cabin, which is excited by the air flow along the boundary of the window or sunroof opening.

    The aftermarket sunroof that the dealer installed may not have the required design elements to match the aerodynamics of the Santa Fe and any problems resulting from it would not be covered under the Hyundai warranty unless it was a Hyundai manufactured unit.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Not a design flaw but a simple matter of physics.

    Lower your mid-ships windows "at speed" and you have effectively converted your car into a policeman's or child's whistle, low frequency, VERY low frequency whistle, with YOU inside the whistle's frequency determining cavity/volume.

    I notice the newer Sienna minivans have the ability to lower the "mid-ships" windows. So they also added the ability for the driver to open the rear quarter panel window, "winglets" to alleviate the helicoptering booming.

    Those winglets are also a GREAT help in improving the A/C cabin cooling, QUICK cooldown, by helping to purge the cabin of super-heated air after setting in FL sunlight all day.

    The only way I could think of to automatically combat this effect is to detect the low frequency cabin pressure waves and open the rear quarter panel cabin air outflow exhauster ports wider, MUCH wider. In the Ford station wagons we drove back in the 60's and 70's the rear tailgate window glass could be lowered slightly to combat this effect.
  • mattydmattyd Posts: 21
    edited June 2010
    I'm always amused when I hear people complain of this. IT'S NOT A PROBLEM. You have to open another window to equalize the in/out airflow.

    I'm not making light of the issue. It's just that it's a 100% normal occurance with just about 100% of vehicles. It's like someone complaining that when they drive into a tree the front of the car crumples. It's physics, pure and simple.

    hyundaihell, are you still here? Are you satisfied with the solution presented?
  • bambewbambew Posts: 43
    My '07 SF GL does the same...

    Not a problem for me tho... Putting the front windows down is sufficient... ;)

    As wwest stated... It's not a 'design' flaw but a simple matter of physics...
  • Why do we roll down the windows anyway? We roll down the windows to get fresh air into the vehicle. In my old 69 Camaro, we used to kid each other and call it the "260 Air Conditioning" - 2 windows down, 60 MPH. Well, it was funny in 1972...

    But now, due to aerodynamic design, manufacturers make the bodies of all vehicles to be slipperier, to slice thru the air with less resistance - for better fuel mileage. Tighter seals on doors and windows make a quieter car when it's closed up, but also more prone to this buffeting.

    So now, rolling down just one or two windows, simply does NOT get fresh air into the vehicle. Doubt it? Have a passenger (aduly) hold a piece of paper near an open rear window when this buffeting is going on. It won't blow out the window - it will just vibrate. So, opening a window these days just doesn't do the same thing it used to do in older cars. We need another ventilation strategy.

    We've all likely heard that the modern air conditioners make it more efficient to run the A/C and close the windows while driving on the freeway. And many people do this, and avoid this issue altogether. But these aren't the only two options.

    My 2007 Highlander had the same issue. So I learned to open the driver's window only after cracking the rear two windows an inch or so. At low speeds, I open them all halfway, or more. I always open them all up, all the way, to cool off the car after it's been sitting closed in the sun anyway. And then drive a few hundred feet to get all that hot air out of the car. Then start the A/C and close 'em up. Works great. Still one more option, tho.

    That is - 660 Air Conditioning. (Here in Orange County, it's really 680 Air Conditioning). This is, after getting the hot air out at low speed as described above, I get on the freeway, turn the ventilating fan (only the fan, no A/C) up to 6, close all the windows, and run her up to 80 MPH. (that's just onramp speed around here - just to merge into traffic). On warm (not hot) days, this works fine. And 6 can be turned to 5, or 4 - depends on the day. This gets the outside air in, with the windows closed, without the A/C. No buffeting. And the vehicle is much more aerodynamic as well.

    My 2011 Santa Fe even has face-level vents for the back seat passengers that makes it better still.

    Just my $0.02.
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