2010 Equinox Dash Vibration

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I own a 2010 Equinox with about 3,000 miles on it and when I hit a bump or go over railroad tracks there is a vibration coming from the dash. If I tap lightly on the passenger side dash near the corner, I can hear the vibration. Has anyone else had this issue? Was it resolved and how? It’s very annoying.

I’ve also noticed a similar vibration in the driver’s side rear door by the window control.


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    Not on mine, ought not be there.
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    The vibration was coming from the underside of the small vent in the dash near the passenger side window. When I gently pushed down on the plastic by inserting my key through the vent, the vibration stopped. The dealer insulated it and it seems to be okay now. They also installed all new clips when they put the dash back together.

    Unfortunately, during the repair the area of the dash near the airbag was scratched. They did a vinyl repair, but I went to clean the dash and the repair material just peeled off. I'm waiting to see if perhaps I just didn't wait long enough or if I needed to use water instead of the leather/vinyl conditioner from GM. The only way to fix it is disassemble the entire dash. The section the houses the airbag isn’t a separate panel. I’m wondering if such an involved repair is just asking for trouble (e.g. more rattles, additional scratches to other parts). I will say that the dealer has been very willing to fix the issue. I’m waiting on them to get back with me about the vinyl repair.
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    Well, I've been waiting for a replacement part for 3 months now. I was told that they had the part at one point only to find out there was a mix up in the parts department and they didn't actually have it.

    I found out today that the dealership is having a hard time getting the part from the manufacturer and they might have to pull it off the assembly line. It’s hard to believe they can't get this part. Has anyone ever had to have their dash replaced on a 2010 Equinox? Did it take this long?
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    It's not surprising to me that the Dealership is having trouble getting parts. I work for a driveline supplier with parts in the Equinox and we're struggling to make deliveries to keep up to vehicle builds. The release volumes just keep going up.
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