Honda CR-V scraping noise on turn

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The noise comes from the right front wheel well, it sounds like metal scraping and it gets worse as the turn gets sharper. It's a tinny sound, somewhat like the loose heat shield under the exhaust system that fell off about 100K miles ago.

I did a visual inspection and I don't see anything loose or stuck or leaking.

Any thoughts? Thanks!


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    When was the differential fluid changed last time, if it is an AWD version.

    It could also be a CV-joint.
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    Look on the internet for rear differential fluid to see if the sounds and circumstances match--there was a service bulletin for this problem. I had the service fully covered based on that service bulletin.
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    It's a front-wheel drive vehicle. Not 4-wheel.
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    Only on right turns?

    CV-Joint is still a possibility. Might be worth cheking the boots on the outboard CV Joints. If the boot is torn, then there's likely no grease left. Once most of the grease is gone, it's just a matter of time before it fails. I think when turning sharp the CV joint on the outboard inside wheel is at the sharpest angle. Focus on that one first.

    Sometimes I have heard heat shields that rattle when making a sharp turn because the load from the pwoer steering pump causes some resonance in exhaust system. But in that case, it would probably also rattle when the AC Compressor kicks on at idle.
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    I tore off the heat shield (under the cat) years ago when it started chattering. The A/C hasn't worked for 4 years, since the wonderful compressor bearing locked up. I cut off the belt at that time.

    I did look at the boots and I didn't see any leaking or tears, and I'm pretty sure the noise comes from the inner front wheel on a right turn.

    This thing has all kinds of non-functional components, now that I think about it.

    1. Heat Shield started chattering so I ripped it off.
    2. A/C self-destructed at about 80K miles.
    3. in-dash clock quit about 8 years ago.
    4. Rear glass struts failed - the glass won't stay up anymore.
    5. Driver's side power window motor failed.
    6. Interior reeks of coolant when the heater blower is turned on, that started pretty much the day after the manufacturer's warranty expired.
    7. Hood is rusting.
    8. Wheel wells are rusting.
    9. Spare tire cover became a mold habitat shortly after purchase of the new vehicle. I think it's been declared a federally protected ecosystem.

    Why do I still have this thing? Maybe I should start looking at Toyotas....
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    I have the exact same problem but mine's a 2005 scion (toyota) xb. When my steering is cranked all the way to the right I get a tinny sound like a piece of thin metal is loose and rattling. I also looked at my cv boots and don't see any problems with them. Let me know if you figure anything out.
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