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Chevy Equinox Roof Antenna

runoxrunox Posts: 156
edited July 2014 in Chevrolet
I hate it. I had to put a curve in it to keep it from hanging up on the top of the garage door. It's an obstruction when you use the roof top carrier.Why didn't Chevy use the shark fin ? Every other new Chevy has a shark fin mount.

Has anyone looked into replacing that Martian receiver with a shark fin?


  • ronwelronwel Posts: 57
    Check out this shows pickture of a retofit sharkfin.

    I have the same problem. I tried to bend my antenna by first heating it with a heat gun. I found out after I bent it that it was not really was cracked. There is a fibreglass core in the middle of the antenna that will crack if you try and bend it.

    I ended up buying a second antenna and cut it a few inches short, then put a black plastic cap on the top.

    I have to agree...the antenna is way too long. I could not go into most of the underground parking garages where I live. The antenna was two inches too long. THe antenna also hit most of the residential garages I tried to go into.
  • runoxrunox Posts: 156
    edited June 2010
  • steverstever Posts: 52,573
    Our software doesn't handle big pics gracefully and skews the pages, so your post was removed.

    Maybe you can park the photos on your CarSpace page in an album there?

  • runoxrunox Posts: 156
    edited June 2010
    No big deal, here are some alternative pics.

  • runoxrunox Posts: 156
  • runoxrunox Posts: 156
    edited June 2010
    Not a Nox, but get the idea.

  • runoxrunox Posts: 156
    I'm rid of that blasted Martian antenna.

    I received the shark fin today. Perfect match on the paint job, black metallic. I installed it in about 10 minutes. No loss in reception quality, but no noticeable gain either, which is okay.

    $70 bucks, well worth the look and elimination of garage door aggravation. A mere pittance compared to the overall investment in the vehicle.
  • davev5davev5 Posts: 1
    Look into a Traverse antenna it is about 1/2 the height. The base is a little different but the threads are the same, Costs about $50.00 though.
  • runoxrunox Posts: 156
    Good suggestion, no reason why it shouldn't work.
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