Ford Edge Stalling

kutehartkutehart Member Posts: 11
I was (and still am, I suppose) loving my 2008 Edge. However, yesterday, I experienced my first Edge glitch.

I started the engine and she immediately stalled. I found it a bit strange, but just restarted her up, assuming it was a fluke. She started up just fine, but when I put her in reverse, she started to buck and wouldn't really accelerate. I stepped on the gas, but found that I was really just coasting (engine was running, though). Then, when I switched into drive, she bucked again, the wrench symbol came on and she still would not accelerate. I pulled off to the side of the lot I was in and shut the engine off. I waited a few minutes and she started right back up and has been fine ever since.

I'm stumped. I don't know if I should take her in for service or not? If the wrench symbol lights, will that trigger a code for the dealer to know what went wrong or will my visit the dealer be a waste of time?

I read somewhere else online that someone experienced a similar issue and that their throttle positioning sensor was replaced (I think that's what they called it). Likely or not? What do you think?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



  • farmermike1960farmermike1960 Member Posts: 3
    Just had a similar experience today with my Lincoln MKX. Stopped to go shopping and when I went to start her she started fine. Just once she was in Drive she didn't want to move and the wrench light came on. Gave her some more gas and she started to creep forward. Put her in reverse and she seemed to move fine. Then back in Drive and same thing however she slowly moved forward up to speed around 45 MPH but RPM was about 2500. Made it to my next destination and parked fro several hours. When I went to start she bucked forward then she seemed to run fine. Taking her in tomorrow to get it checked out.
  • coltsfancoltsfan Member Posts: 13
    I've noticed something similar with our '08 Edge.....when driving slowly - barely more than an idle - like thru a parking garage or heavy shopping traffic-it seems to almost hesitate when you accelate then jerk when it kicks in -- sometimes there is a clunking sound, too. I don't get any indicator lights. The dealer hasn't found anything............ yet.........
  • mooberry26mooberry26 Member Posts: 1
    I have been dealing with a similar issue with my MKX 08. I was in my car with my 3 month-old and my car made a loud banging sound (almost sounded like the engine was falling out of the bottom) it stalled (in the middle of a busy busy intersection) and I couldn't move anywhere! I freaked out, turned the car off then on and it made the sound again but did not stall this time and luckily, I got us home safe. Since then it has happened about 6 more times and each time I took it to the dealership, they told me "we could not find anything wrong with it, we even drove it around to see if it would happen and it didn't." SO, the last time we took it, we raised hell at the dealership and they said that they found the problem (after a week in the dealership) and "fixed" it, said it was a bad sensor, (this was 4 months ago). Three days ago, it happened again, twice in a row. I took it up there and of course they gave me a rental and said they would "try to figure it out". I love that car, but I am sooooo tired of this going back and forth to the dealership and not getting anywhere, and of course, not feeling safe with my daughter in the car! I am ready to trade it in for something else!! How long do I have for the Lemon Law?
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