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Only 1 CD for 2010 GT NAV audio unit?

chuckml97chuckml97 Posts: 11
edited July 2014 in Mazda
I got a 2010 GT with NAV. Yesterday, I try to insert more than 1 CD to the unit. I couldn't !!! Am I missing something here. I did not evern ask the salesperson about cd changers. I expected the car to come with 6 CD changer. Please confirm the OEM NAV only come with CD player, not CD changer.


  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    edited June 2010
    Pre-2009 model of CX9 with NAVI came with 6-CD changer.
    Not so with CX9s after 2009 (inclusive).
    The reason is that the NAVI unit was moved from the cargo area to the center console/dash.
    - there is limited room there
    - more people use A2DP (supported by CX9 BT) or aux jack or MP3 disc. CD-changer isn't really needed anymore. 1CD of 700MB can hold about 200 songs
    arranged in folders.

    That is not a mistake. It is clearly mentioned in brochure and spec. You somehow missed it before you bought it. Sorry.
  • chuckml97chuckml97 Posts: 11
    Somehow I missed this detail. I was picking between GT AWD with NAV or Touring AWD with changers upgrade which also come with backup cam. So I assume GT one has a CD changers also, since NAV is a $2000 upgrade. Oh well, I am driving the GT to legoland CA this July 4, I guess I have to burn a CD myself.
  • buyer101buyer101 Posts: 80
    In the Touring model there is a 6 CD changer in the center console so I'm wondering why could that not be replicated on a GT with NAVI ? Is it because the NAVI unit itself has hardware that occupies extra space, leaving no space for a changer ?
  • davichodavicho Posts: 190
    As ceric stated in another forum "for 2010 the CD changer was deleted on GT-Navi models because the Navigation Reader was moved from the rear (2007-2009) to behind the audio unit"
  • wjtinatlwjtinatl Posts: 50
    Has anyone with an 08 CX-9 Navi had the chance to try the '10 version? If so, is it better/faster/easier? I'm seriously thinking about a second CX-9 GT as our '08 has been perfect and is an all around fantastic vehicle. But, the Nav in '08 was slow and has a poor interface, compared with Nissan and Honda units. Unless it's been significantly upgraded I'm getting one without Nav and buying a Garmin (and saving $1200!)
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    As far as I know for '10 compared with '08
    - real-time traffic (make sure you have the 09.v1 map update)
    - higher resolution screen
    - improve UI (user interface)

    - same grey-out "feature" above 5mph
    - still there will be some guys who proclaim "my $100 Garmin is way better".
    That is not gonna change.... :)
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