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Weird Ticking, Clicking like Marbles in my Mazda5

newbiemazdanewbiemazda Member Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in Mazda
My new to me 2006 Mazda 5 is ticking sometimes upon start-up, making a weird noise which you can here at this link...


It goes away after a few minutes of the car running. This is not every day, I cannot figure a rhythm, it is not necessarily when it is cold outside, but still normally happens after it has sat over night. I have brought it to the dealership but they could not hear anything wrong with it, drained oil, but could not hear a problem.

Warranty is running out soon, and I really want the issue resolved.


  • newbiemazdanewbiemazda Member Posts: 2
    By way of more info...I only just bought the car a few weeks ago from a private party, and have about 2 weeks left in the warranty. The second day I brought it to the Mazda dealership in town for an oil change. The day prior to this there was no noises during test drive so I drove it home at night.

    The morning after the oil change the noise came. My wife brought it back to the dealership immediately after calling to make sure we should be driving it. They flushed the engine and said there may have been bits of the old filter in the system, but could not see any reason for the noise. They could not hear it, and refilled my oil with their recommendation and sent her home. (with no backup paperwork :mad: )

    Thanks again for your response...any help is appreciated.
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