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Transmission Reprogramming 2010 Fusion

newowner10newowner10 Posts: 227
edited March 2014 in Ford
Had my Transmission reprogrammed per the service bulletin I just received. Seems to shift much better than before.


  • babbs3babbs3 Posts: 50
    My 2010 Fusion was taken in for recall on transmission (6 sp auto). I then took it back and begged for someone to test drive it. After 2 men(neither were mechanics) said trans shifts fine. Now the problem is, when shifting from lst into 2ndthen 3rd the Tachometer zooms past 4000 rpms. To make this NOT happen I have to drive and start out under 25 mph. I am not a speed demon (way too old) but I do not hold up traffic with too slow of a start. Doesn't this cause excess wear on the engine or torque conv. etc? Just a note..transmission was fine before recall as well as the excess revs. Car is great on Freeway but I drive city alot.
  • newowner10newowner10 Posts: 227
    After reprogaming the mileage around town went down 2 mpg. Was getting 25-26 now 23 mpg.
  • babbs3babbs3 Posts: 50
    Thanks for what seems to me to be more bad news. Part reason for buying this car was the good mpg. Does anyone know what the car should be revving at when shifting? I still feel that maybe the trans. is better off after the reprogram but high revs, just can't be too good for that 2.5L engine. I have had over 21 cars and except for the 8 cyl. ones, NONE shifted and revved like this. Hope I don't wind up living with it.... may sell.
  • newowner10newowner10 Posts: 227
    What I find interesting is sometime the car will really shift great and appears to have more power. It just accelerates quicker with the same amount of throttle. The car accelerates as if you where going downhill. I do not know if the dealer can find anything if there are not any failure codes indicated.
  • xmechxmech Posts: 90
    Sounds wrong to me, if you really aren't laying into the gas. I'll try to pay more attention to my shift rpms tomorrow and try to get back here. I assume you have the 4 cylinder also?
  • babbs3babbs3 Posts: 50
    Wnt to a local specialty auto yesterday and I found out that the fact that it shifts at a higher rpm has no bad effect on the engine or the trans. The tech says it is a good thing when the trans. shifts this way because the internal gears should search and thus avoid extra wear and no damage to trans and engine. The specs on these cars are very good. I trust this shop with any car I have owned. They have been around for more than 30 years and have praised by every motor magazine and outstanding experts. I trust them more than I do Ford Mtr. They have been receiving high praises from a lot of customers and experts. I am going to get a big serving of humble pie,and shut my mouth about this now!. Love the car except parking it (cant see out the back) but I may get the after market back up sensors.
  • xmechxmech Posts: 90
    4000 rpm to shift to next gear under regular acceleration? Hmmmm.... OK. Mine shifted around 2500 accellerating up a pretty good hill. How long do you intend to keep the car? :sick:
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    I don't know, shifting at 2500 rpm while accelerating up a hill sounds like more of a problem to me than shifting at 4000 rpm. We had a car (not a Fusion) that shifted early like that and the transmission needed repair, they replaced the valve body.
  • babbs3babbs3 Posts: 50
    To Jeffscott... Yep you concur with the auto shop that the higher rpm's are not a problem. I feel very good now that I got the news from the experts. I was surprised but humbled to know that " more cars today should shift this way." It did not however, have to do with driving uphill. Maybe Ford has done this right!!!
  • hackattack5hackattack5 Posts: 315
    I have a 2010 Fusion that sometimes bangs into 3rd gear. I took it back twice but it still does it. Last week I test drove 2 different 2011 Fusions and they both shifted the way you describe, right where my 2010 bangs to the next gear the 2011's slip into the next gear and the RPMs shoot to 4000. I don't think they have this 6 speed figured out yet. When I say bang I mean its not seamless like the rest of the gears. I still like my Fusion.
  • babbs3babbs3 Posts: 50
    Thanks Tim 156, you have done your homework regarding the tranny for the new Focus. I too am having the gurgle sound in the cooling system. I would like to trade the car in but because its a 2010 Fusion do you think I can just get what I owe? I am going to try a different Ford dealer and see if they hand me the same bull. I feel that Ford just doesn't care enough because they have sold so many Fusions. How many times do we have to take car back to claim it's a lemon?
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    edited April 2011
    I don't know what you owe, but at the 4 dealerships I shopped for my Focus, I was offered between $16000 and $16500 and I ended up settling for $16250 at a dealership that originally offered $16000. That's less than the $17000 I originally wanted in trade. No one would come close to that because of "market fluctuations". I need my Fusion until my ordered Focus arrives and the timing needs to be perfect if I sold it on my own, so I decided to take less and trade-in. I purchased mine in May 2009 and owe a little more than $14000 so I'll have around $2250 for a down payment. Plus, if my car comes in before 6/5 I get an additional $750 "Private Cash" discount and hopefully the $500 bonus cash for financing through Ford Credit will be extended beyond 5/5. That means I'll get my 2012 Focus SEL hatchback with the 303A package for $21915 or $2710 below MSRP.
    I'm not a conspiracy nut, but I believe Ford is hoping the 6 speed transmissions last until they are out of manufacturers warranty. Ford engineers have stated the air in the cooling system will not cause any damage and is only a nuisance. The Fusion is going to be re-designed in 2013 so I'm sure there are no plans to change or retrofit the heater core or the cooling system on existing or new Fusions.
  • babbs3babbs3 Posts: 50
    Good info again Tim 156. I agree with you that Ford will just keep ignoring us and hope the warranty becomes moot. I feel the reason they are doing this is two fold : one is that they will never admit this mistake and also that they have sold so many Fusions that it really doesn't matter to them cause they have their money. If I can get 16000 for my Fusion I will jump on it. I only have 5000 miles on it (retired and need the miles on my feet more). Here in Mich. the dealers laugh you off the lot when you want to trade in anything. The amount I owe is under the 16000 amount cause I got the Ford z plan and money down.
  • babbs3babbs3 Posts: 50
    This morning I went to a 2nd Ford dealer to complain about the tranny problems and the 'gurgle the car makes. The dealer was very polite (unlike one I bought the Fusion from) but they said there was probably a leak in the seal..well the trans. was 2 qts low on fluid but not from a leak. This had to have happened when the calibration trans. recall was done by 1st rude dealer. Someone then took it for a test drive and said "its perfect". Hah shifting hard and flaring tach. sure doesn't seem good to me. They said there was no sounds coming from cooling system so I must watch it myself! Question is now should I worry that driving for 10 months with 2 qts low that it may have caused some other damage? I think the trans. hold 9 qts.
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    Sounds like you've found a new dealership to have your car serviced. I guess you have to determine by driving the car if any damage was done. Listen, smell and feel for any irregularities with the tranny. Check the fluid regularly, if it turns a dark red or brown, or begins to smell burnt, that's the first sign of a problem. The sloshing sound tends to be more noticeable when the ambient temps are below freezing. You may not hear it until next fall when temps start to drop.
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    I have a 2010 Mercury Milan and when cold, in the twenties or colder, the trans does shift hard/firmly until it warms up. I asked my local dealer about this and they informed me that the trans fluid is not a synthetic but a petroleum based item.

    When my Milan reaches 15,000 miles, I am going to dump the Ford fluid and replace it with a synthetic. Amsoil has one that exceeds Ford requirements for that trans.

    I have switched over to 100% synthetics in my Chrysler products and the difference is quite noticeable in the form of smoother, quicker shifts at all temps.
  • hackattack5hackattack5 Posts: 315
    Took My 2010 Fusion to a different Ford dealer and they performed the latest Service Bullintin on the transmission (Re-program and set pressure). I can say it does shift flawless now but we have only had it back one day. I will give an update soon
  • hackattack5hackattack5 Posts: 315
    edited July 2011
    Yep Its been a couple weeks and its shifting like it should. The key this time is I took it to a different Ford dealer and told them if they could fix it then they get all my business. They performed the same service bulletin as my normal ford dealer did twice before but this time it worked
  • hackattacj5, can you tell me the STB for this problem? I just got a 2010 sel and I am experiencing the same issue. The dealer could not copy the issue when they drove it, but I am still not happy with this purchase. Your help is appreciated
  • Friends, i'm new to this forum and wanted some guidance as to how to proceed with the lemon for the transmission on my Fusion 2010. I filed a lemon case against Ford back in July 2011 requesting a repurchase for the vehicle and now Ford has come back to me with a $4000 offer, which i rejected. Now my lawyer has sent me the scheduling orderfo the court proceedings and i'm looking to settle this case outside of court if possible and i'm sure Ford wants the same.

    Now my questions is can i convince Ford that problem really exists by have a 3 party transimission evaluation since the dealership always diagnosis the problem as" No trouble Found" and yet they replaced a bunch of hardware on my transmission already. Please give you opinions and i would highly appreciate if anyone can share his/her experience in going thorugh a lemon lawsuit with Ford. Thanks.
  • moorepetsmoorepets Posts: 3
    I purchased my 2010 Ford Fusion May 2011. I have already had to pay $200.00 for a transmission leak. My check engine light keeps coming on and now my car has started losing power while I am driving. The code says it needs a new Trottle body. How do you file a case against Ford.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,952
    You have to check your state's lemon law to see if you qualify. Just because you've had multiple problems doesn't make it a lemon.

    There are instructions in the owner's manual on how to handle disputes.

    Why weren't these covered under the OEM warranty?
  • moorepetsmoorepets Posts: 3
    There was no warranty. It had 65000 miles on it.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,952
    Lemon law typically only applies to the first 2 yrs or 24K miles so it's doubtful you'd qualify. But again you'd have to check the law in your state.
  • Your Ford or other mechanic will probably tell you it is the throttle body gone bad. Our local dealership told us that today, to the tune of $500. Car only has 36,500 miles on it. We bought it new. On-line research today, shows TONS of owner complaints for that very problem. I called Customer Service at the Ford Motor Company, spoke with a very nice young lady who explained how to get a factory recall started. And it does sound like we are owed one for the 2010 Fusion. She said recalls are generated via customer complaints; the more complaints, the sooner a recall might be generated. So, to help get this going, please call 1-800 392-7363, have your VIN number ready and say that you are lodging a formal complaint and requesting a recall. Then, keep your receipt for the work that was done, so that if a recall is issued, you might have an opportunity for reimbursement. Also, spread this info to any other owners of 2010 Fusions with this same problem. Hope this helps!
  • Yes thanks. I sent Ford a letter with all of the info and they called me and said there was nothing they could or would do for me.
  • jeromefjjeromefj Posts: 2
    I had been a great admirer of Ford until my 2010 Fusion SE gave me the Throttle Body Blues, as well. But Ford has completely choked on this congenital problem. Their dealer couldn't diagnose the problem, charged me a lot of money looking for phantom electrical problems, and on the second go-round they "cleaned" the TB.

    On the third go-round, I was taking a weekend trip 300 miles away, and suffered through 20 separate interstate shut-downs of the car on the round trip. Not funny. Ford did nothing, and would not stand behind their car (less than 45,000 miles) in any way, shape or form.

    Utter failure by Ford. My last purchase from them, and since I despise GM, it's foreign cars for me now.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,952
    You just need to find a competent dealer. They would have either fixed the problem correctly to begin with or worked with Ford to get the repair covered as a previously reported condition (assuming the first problem was inside 36K miles).
  • donsmrsdonsmrs Posts: 3
    Have to agree with akirby. I also read somewhere that Ford designers haven't figured out how to fix the problem; hence, no recall. I have also been told by Fusion 2010 hybrid owners that they have no such problems; in fact almost no problems of any kind, which tells you where Ford put its energy.
  • I too have had the throttle body problem on my 2010 Milan. It was still under warranty so the dealership replaced it same day, no problems. Good to have a competent dealership. We might finally have some action started on this problem. Did anyone see this article in USA Today?... Feds to probe Ford car, SUV engine fault. 99/. Slow, but it may lead to a recall.
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