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Honda Pilot Head Restraint

chrysoschrysos Posts: 1
edited July 2014 in Honda
Bought a new EX-L on Monday and I love it so far but discovered a problem. The driver's side head restraint is too far forward, there is an active restraint mechanism in the seat that pushes it forward to protect your neck in the event of a crash. I didn't notice it until today. I have an appointment next week to get it looked at but wondered if anyone else has seen this problem.


  • 2pilots2pilots Posts: 1
    please let us know what Honda tells you. My wife is having the same problem..
  • stabler1stabler1 Posts: 2
    I see a lot of new cars now a day having the same design. Can't understand why. It seems to me not only the headrest prevents you from setting a more upright position, it also restricts the contact point to the back of your head. i.e there is no restraint/protection for the neck.
  • My wife keeps her seat almost upright. In this position, the head restraint pushes her head forward a lot. Finally, I took the restraint out and put it in backwards--problem solved and she really likes it in this position and it still provides protection.

    Hope this helps.
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