new dune buggy with geo metro efi motor

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hi i just bought a new bms 800cc power buggy
they say it has 1.0 ltr efi geo metro motor, when i received it , it would not pull the hat off your head and still is not mutch better, i tried reseting the timeing by ear that is helped a little replaced plugs wires gas still no dif, when i rev the motor it takes a good while to get any rpms up and when i take off it starts to rev and falls on its face and when i change gears it pulls for a second and falls on its face, and sounds like it has a vacum leak or something from the way it revs, has no power, can anyone help?


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    In order to give you an accurate answer; I'd need to know more specifics about the motor. Geo Metro motors were never made in 800cc displacement. They all were 993 ccs. So if yours has an 800cc motor; it is not the same as a Geo Metro. Since 1 liter is 1000ccs; why do they call this an 800cc power buggy?

    But lets assume the displacement inconsistencies are just the result of ignorant copy writers. It is unlikely that the stock Geo Metro air filter assembly was used in your buggy; because it is big, ugly, and is made to fit under the hood of the Geo car. But that motor is so highly tuned that it is extremely sensitive to ANY changes to the length or diameter of the intake air duct. If they put some other design of air filter or exhaust system on a stock Geo Metro motor; it probably would ruin the power when you got on the throttle. Chalk that one up to ignorance, too. You'd have to have the EFI computer recalibrated to match the modified intake and/or exhaust; in order for the modified motor to run right. So I would suggest going back to the manufacturer of this vehicle and asking them to finish the half done job they sold you; by having the computer set up properly to match the intake and exhaust modifications they made.
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    thanks for the info on this,it does have a after marker filter it looks like a k&n filter but the filter has to have air leaks becouse it is a 2 peice filter, it has the ruber part that mounts on the efi and it fits on that but you can spin the filter on the fitting and it is sort of a loos fit and it has a pvc hose going into the end of it, but i did get it runing a lot better since i posted the question on here, i took it to a machanic and he took the distri out and turned the inside a few teeth and put it back in and now i have been runing it and from time to time i turn it a little more advanced and its been better every time, but still needs something.
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    What you wrote about turning the distributor a few teeth rang an alarm bell in my head; because the distributor on a Geo Metro does not have teeth; it only has a single blade on it. Furthermore Geo Metros have not been manufactured since 2001; so it is unlikely that there would be a source for new parts to build these machines. And as I wrote in an earlier post; the Geo Metro engine is not 800cc; it is 996cc. Because of these inconsistencies, I finally went to the distributor's website and looked at the photos of this model. And I can see that the motor is definitely not a Geo Metro motor. I don't know what it is; but whoever told you it was a Geo Metro motor was either lying or was ignorant. So we won't be able to be of any help here.
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