Is buying a K&N Cold Air Intake Kit for my 2003 worth buying?

tyshauntyshaun Member Posts: 13
I was thinking about purchasing a K&N Cold Air Intake Kit for my 2003 ford expedition. I just wanted to make sure im not wasting my money. I was told its good if you want to tow things, but my vehicle is not for towing. i was also told that if i was purchasing Chrome rims thta because they are so heavy , this would be also a good purchase. i just wanna know if its beneficial if i purchase. I want nothing but the best performance from my vehicle but i also dont want to waste money if i dont have to.


  • alwaysfords2alwaysfords2 Member Posts: 339
    Waste of money. Makes more noise, doesn't increase power or response or mileage. I've tried it twice (5.0 Explorer and 5.4 Expedition) and will not again.
  • bbowen53bbowen53 Member Posts: 2
    spent over $300 for my K&N cold air return for my 2009 GMC Sierra with 5.3, and no I would not waste my money. I voided my warranty, and gained no MPG, and horsepower? Infact a friend of mine says he actually lost MPG during the winter
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