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Rebuilt Transmission but still Transmission fault light

dtownladydtownlady Posts: 4
I have a nightmare of a car, mechanic or both! I have a 2000 Jaguar S-type 3.0 with 150,000 miles (I know). I had my Transmission rebuilt. After I got home, 2 weeks later my Transmission with almost identical transmission issues as everyone else. It slips and the RPM's go up to a 5. I took back to the Transmission shop, he did an engine check and gave me a list of things I needed to do and that its my engine and Transmission is working fine. I took to other mechanic he replaced coils, spark plugs, oil, cracked water reservior tank, hoses, and thermostat sensor. I got it back last week drove it 5 days and its back to doing the same thing. I dont know who to believe, is it my Transmission (Mechanic says they put on a machine and the celinoid is messed up). The Transmission shop is telling me I have to fix everything on my engine before myTransmission works properly and mechanic says engine has nothing to do with the Transmission slipping....Help a Single & Broke girl that knows every problem this Jag has to offer.


  • fastacefastace Posts: 1
    My 2000 S type 4.0, 56,000 miles, after sitting overnight, trans shifts fine-goes to reverse, neutral & drive & all gears shift OK. However when warm-after driving a while, if I shift into neutral or park, it does not want to go back into drive. If I move to the 2-3-4 side of the J gate it works ok there. Sometimes I can go into 4 and then back to dr, and it will be normal. Sometimes I can slam the lever hard from neutral into dr and it will be ok. No warning light or codes, so I suspect it must be linkage related. Is this an easy fix or should I start the paperwork for a large loan?
  • Do yourself a favor and sell the car. I have a Jaguar S-type and i came across some of the same problems. I re-built the transmission at 87,000 miles and it worked fine for like 2-years then the electrical system went. $5,500 to fix. Then there were other issues with the car. Now the car has 132,000 miles and i have transmissions problems again. And the car is shutting down when idle at red lights. I hear stories of people driving their BMW's and Lexus's over 150,000 miles and never had to re-build the transmission. This would be twice for me already. Do yourself the favor and get rid of the car. The Jag is nice on the outside but crap on the inside.
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