evap system

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i have a strange sound coming from behind my glove box.. it sounds like theres a gallon of water in there. wen i start the truck n wen i take off it sounds like water in a container..i blew out a vent hose that comes out the bottom.. wen the ac is on, water does come out thru it. so its not


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    could be water in radiator is low check it when the auto is cold see if full
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    the radiator is fine.. it really sounds like its in the glove box.. i changed the heater core not to long ago n i check around to c wat it could b n found nothing.. wen i start the truck n wen i take off.. you can hear the water runing..
  • tuggajbtuggajb Member Posts: 646
    sounds as if you have a air bubble in the heater core and that is making the noise
    i have the 4.7 and was having the same noise found a leak at the water pump that would let in air so the water in the over flow tank would not return to radiator like to drove me nuts as would get air in heater core and make gurgling sound
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