MINI v Porsche

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MINI challenges.

Porsche declines.

Who would win?

Porsche Won't Race MINI (US News)


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    My first thought was that this was dumb. "mini vs. porsche" - ? Don't get me wrong I love my Clubman but racing a Porsche?

    Second thought was WHY NOT? They're just trying to get themselves talked about in the same breath as Porsche I guess.

    The miniUSA facebook page has some stuff on the challenge, including a petition. Maybe they expect the refusal? Anyway I signed it. I think it would be fun.

    Come on Porsche let's see what you've got!
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    Failing that, put up a Miata against one ... in the twisties. With, ahem, appropriate drivers.

    For example, me in the Porsche vs just about anyone. Be great PR for MINI or Mazda. :)
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    no not a miniature CEO, the ceo of Mini.

    He is calling out Porsche again. Egging him on pretty hard. Maybe Porsche's only chance to save face in the whole "mini vs. porsche" dealie is to go ahead and race. (?)

    Here's the video:
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    I remember the Datsun 510's saying the same thing back in the 70's. It is nice to know my C4S is still held in such high regard . There will always be cars talked about having more " bang for the buck " or " half the price but I still kept up ... " but it is still an honor to know people still hold the Porsche 911's as the one to beat ! Thanks :shades:
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    I remember getting so excited about seeing this happen; I live near Road Atlanta and tried to go live. I think Porsche blew Mini out of the water, if i remember it right. I wish Mini would make an American Le Mans Series-eligible car so they could battle it out multiple times a year.
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